Sub-Liminal Recordings Head Honcho DJ Agro Chats to Guestlist

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 24th September 2019 | Tom


The British south coast is a region that has always had a well earned reputation for producing high calibre Drum and Bass artists. Be it something in the salty sea air, or an array of highly reputable music production courses at the local colleges and universities, the latest wave of young, talented DnB producers from the area slowly flowing into the scene is nothing short of impressive.


One man at the forefront of the revolution in recent times is Sub-Liminal Recordings label boss Dj Agro. He is a patron of the aforementioned music production course, and is also someone who has a sizeable input in giving some of the best new producers the ideal medium through which to showcase their abilities via his ever growing imprint, a label which has clearly been going from strength to strength in it's short five year existence.

This month sees Agro's second release on Sub-Liminal this summer, 'Timbuk 4' and 'Fair Trade', featuring the vocal talents of Chats MC. This superb release offers the perfect follow up to his epic 'Ruff Ride EP' which came out earlier in the sunny season.



Guestlist caught up for a long overdue chat with Agro following the release for a chat about the tracks and what's up next for the ever evolving Sub-Liminal Recordings:-


What was the first thing you thought of this morning when you woke up? The bloody bin man!


If you could only eat/drink 3 things for the rest of your life what would they be? Tropicana orange (Juice with bits!!) and Fish & Chips.


If I could give you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world right now where would you go? Back to Germany had a good time out there recently.


If you didn't have a career making music what would you be doing? I would of probably have carried on working as a Bricklayer, that's what I was doing when I was 17/18 before I went to college at Access to Music.


What was very first record you bought? The 1st Vinyl record was by Baron, a tune called 'Channel X' on Trouble on vinyl around 2003.



What is your favorite tune (any genre)? These questions are hard! So many tunes from all genres flooding into my mind right now! I'll give you a few of my fav d&b tunes instead:-


Total Science - Nosher (Original mix)



M.I.S.T Marcus Intalex and ST Files  – Outer space



Hazard – World of darkness



Which 3 artists have been the biggest influence on your sound? It's really hard to narrow this down to just 3! If I had to it would be DJ Fresh, Hazard and G Dub & Taxman but there are many many more.


If you could play a back to back set with any artist who would you choose? DJ Hype. I've always been into a bit of turntableism and Hype has always been a massive influence on me from way back when I started DJing at 14. The 'Dubplate Killaz' series was the first Drum and Bass sound I really fell in love with, that and the Breakbeat Kaos mix CD really played a big part in my early inspiration.


Sub-Liminal has come a long way since it's humble beginnings as a night at Brighton's Volks Club, you must be very proud of your hard work, what has kept you motivated and focused on the project all this time? The dedication comes from the passion for the music and watching my sound and my piers sound evolving and moving in new exciting directions.



When you started the label did you see it growing to become this popular? I knew it would be popular because of the amount of talent I had around me at the time, but I didn’t think it would be this popular after less than 5 years, the event has been going nearly 10 though.


What was the original mission objective for the label? Has that changed over time? Just to put a sound to our crew basically, one home for all the people I was working with and the amazing artists on the event.


Musically where would you put the Sub-Liminal sound? Where does it fit with you as an artist? It's Drum and Bass, I call it Jump-Up but a lot of people call it Rollers now, its dark rolling and moody.


'Timbuk 4' and 'Fair Trade' are 2 heavyweight tunes, is there a story behind the release? 'Timbuk 4' is an evolution of of another track but it's was too different to be a VIP, it was meant to come out on another label but that didn’t end up happening so I just released it as quick as possible, its quite old now.



If you had to pick a favourite of the 2 which would you pick? Why? 'Fair Trade' I like working with chats mc hes a lot of fun and very underrated.



When you go into a musical project do you start with a clear image of what you want in your mind or does it just happen? I have a vague idea then try and make it and always end up making something completely different!


What approach do you take when making a tune? What order do you do things? Which part do you personally find the hardest? I make drums first normally, but when I imagine the track its normally basslines I think of, tones or melodies, I find the melodies hardest.


Whats the one most important piece of advice you would pass on to new producers? Don’t give up and try and be positive, don’t watch other peoples path focus on your own. Tunnel vision.


What's next for Agro? Where can we catch you performing? This weekend I'm at equinox festival and then on to Manchester for the first ever agro b2b warhead. Then next weekend its my event down at the Volks with Killa p and Mystry, fearless mc and all the crew then on the Saturday I'm in my home town Worthing at Persia, then I think the week after I'm in Guernsey with my G Guzi


Finally, whats has Sub-Liminal Recordings got up it's sleeves for us the next few months? We have a BIG project coming very soon keep your eye on the socials…. Also we release music every month and its only getting better and better.




Purchase Agro's 'Timbuk 4' and 'Fair Trade' from Junodownload here.

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