Hak Baker shuts down 100 Club

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 23rd September 2019 | Becky

Hak Baker has been getting a lot of attention recently for his unique sound.

G-Folk is an amalgamation of grime, reggae and soul. He brings all these sounds together with just a guitar and some heavy lyrics about his experiences growing up in Isle of Dogs, East London. His highly relatable lyrics address heartbreak, addiction, conflicts and growing up. 

On 13th September, Hak headlined at the All Our Tomorrows festival in 100 Club. The night featured a mix of upcoming urban artists including; Nayana IZ, a London based rapper whose sound blends hip hop, trap and grime; Badgir$ls, a Manchester trio pushing genre boundaries with their lo-fi mix of grunge and alternative hip-hop and Master Piece, a London based musician who blends alternative rap with catchy modern lyrics.

All of them should be added to your radar.

Hak, accompanied by a dub house band, played a set which gets the crowd going wild from the offset. He has confetti poppers, a friend dancing around dressed as a copper and the crowd wildly moshing by the third song. He rounds things up with Like It Or Lump It where half the crowd is onstage and the fancy dress copper crowd surfs. An extra song is added to the set after heavy persistence from the crowd leaving everyone smiling, happy and sweaty. 

Hak Baker's new track 'Grief Eyes' is out now!