We touch down with Tungz

BOOGIE | Monday 23rd September 2019 | Becky

Meet Tungz, a sick new four-piece from Bristol bringing back 70's funk with a modern indie infusion. We sit down to chat their EP, playing stripped backed sets and the stories behind the songs. 

Your sound is very 70s, what inspired this?

We’ve all always been into the 70’s grooves, so when we first started playing together it came out naturally. 


So "Do You Like It" has smashed it with fans does the rest of the EP follow a similar theme?

We like to think the perfect formula for music is ‘half party / half sad’. We’ve chosen to reflect that in the tracks of the EP, with two party bangers and two reflective bangers.


Can you give away any other track titles / story behind the track?

The second track on the EP is called ‘Analogue You’. The final section started off as a production accident when we were shuffling sections around. We accidentally left the bassline from the verse underneath the chords of the chorus, and fell in love with it. We’re planning on letting the computer write our next single. 


Describe your upcoming EP's sleeve artwork and why you chose it?

It’s our homemade backdrop to our first photoshoot with Jamie’s hand popping through there. It was just a random shot that we took but never used for anything. But we found it again and liked the vibe of opening the curtain, welcoming everyone inside. Everything is about to begin!


Are your music videos shot on an old school dad camcorder? 

They sure are. That’s just the only camera we have, so it’s a practical thing as much as a stylistic choice. We’ve also lost the charger for that camera so the next video is probably gonna have to be hand drawn. Expected Spring 2030.


As a band do you think your look has to link with your music?

Because we’re DIY everything comes from the same source, so when we make the artwork we feel like it reflects same feeling as the songs. Everything also ends up a little home made so there’s an aesthetic link there. But that comes more out of the way we do things rather than a conscious creative decision.


Analog or digital (for recording music)?

Whatever we have lying around in our basement really. Sometimes there’s real character in an analogue instrument, but we just go with whatever sounds best to us. 


You played a Sofar set, do you like stripping back your set?

Yeah, different elements of the songs get brought when you change the setup, like the bass line or harmonies. It also was cool to play dancey songs to a sitting down audience and see them shuffling their butts.


What was the first CD you bought as a kid and what was your favourite track on it?

Rick: American Idiot - Jesus of Suburbia. Love that groovy 70’s vibe.


Tell us one thing your fans don't know about you?

One of us once auditioned for Stomp. We’ll never say who.


Catch Tungz live at the Pickle Factory on 18th October.