Bassist Nina Harries Album Launch + Harpist Ellie Ford

Acoustic, Instrumental | Monday 16th September 2019 | Tasia

Nina Harries gave a stunning performance at Hoxton Hall for her debut album release. As a double bassist, she dominated the set, with her band willingly giving her the time to shine. The four piece band included her brother on lead guitar and her father, Tim Harries (know for his work with Steeleye Span and Brian Eno) on keys along with a drummer venturing into the experimental realm using chains and scraping symbols as the tone descended into dissonant cacophonies.

Nina’s song writing travelled from feminist empowerment to longing love in a varied set list. When the band fully rocked out, the audience reacted with a swelling tide of exasperated roaring, as if waiting for the moment when the musicians would unleash their full wrath of sound. In particular, the songs on the immigration crisis, the three stages of womanhood and dying young struck a chord, as though the immense depth of Nina’s passion and skill had come alive in those songs.

Ellie Ford on Harp as the opening performer elegantly entwined antiquity in her lyrics which blended seamlessly with her experimental singing, in the vein of Bjork and The Knife. Her melodic playing and lyrics payed homage to mythology and neither musician on stage this evening shied away from sounding dissonant and harsh. These women held the stage in the fullness of who they are, and were not afraid of themselves, as if to say: yes I am female and I will amaze you. They both seemed all too aware of the stigma that comes with being a female creative in the experimental field and although we like to think the stigma has been fully eroded in our time, there is still much to fight for. I am thankful that they are doing their part to stand out as classical musicians who bring their sound into a modern context with intriguing originality.

Keep up with Nina Harries via her website and find Ellie Ford on Instagram.