The effort to save Tottenham’s Latin Village continues

Tuesday 10th September 2019 | Jake

The Save Latin Village group will hold a protest today at Transport for London’s (TfL) offices in Victoria. It is just the latest battle in a war for a corner of Seven Sisters. For Save Latin Village and the residents of Seven Sisters, however, this isn’t just any corner. The Seven Sisters indoor market – known as the Latin village down to the heritage of many of the traders operating out of the units – is the heartbeat of a community. 

The Latin Village, also called Pueblito Paisa, hosts vendors from all over South America, as well as Africa and the Caribbean across 60 units. To traders and patrons it is so much more than a market – it is home. For 13 years now, they have campaigned to save their home from demolition. 

Housing developer Grainger Plc plans to scrap the site the village is built on and replace it with 196 rental homes. Opposition to Grainger’s plan mobilised swiftly, and a proposal to regenerate Wards Corner (the site of the market) has now been submitted for planning permission. That plan, titled the Wards Corner Community Plan, could not come soon enough. 

Wards Corner Community Plan design

Back in late August the current owners of the market upped rent for units by 28%, giving vendors only a week’s notice. Numerous vendors had their licenses to trade suspended. At various levels of government protests at their treatment have been ignored, despite callous behaviour from the market’s prospective new owners Grainger & Quarterbridge towards its current occupants, and the UN declaring Grainger’s plans to demolish the market pose a “human rights threat”.

Undeterred by unhelpful authorities and the greedy developers, Save Latin Village’s efforts to save their home have a real chance of working. But they could still use the support of people fighting against human rights violations, and the help of people interested in preserving and nurturing cultural sites. 

To donate, get involved and learn more, visit the Save Latin Village website here.