60 Seconds with Belgian techno duo JOYHAUSER!

House | Friday 2nd August 2019 | Nicky

Sitting in the Techno Top 10 for their Remix of Amelie Lens’s track ‘Hypnotized’ on the back of an incredible set at Tomorrowland recently, Belgium’s compelling duo Joyhauser are enjoying their best year to date.


With mega shows to come at Elrow in Amsterdam, ADE with Pan-Pot and the Drumcode Festival, the pair also host a special event on the beach in Belgium where they play an extended 12 hour set as part of their Labyrinth Club tour. Ahead of this they flank Monika Kruse for the Terminal M showcase this Saturday August 3rd at Egg LDN.


Renowned for blending tough techno mixed with emotive elements as the core of their sound, we catch up with Joyhauser as they talk about their Live set up, favourite pieces of kit and playing with Monika Kruse.


Nice to meet you! How technical is your Live set up and what does this bring to the table for your sets?


The heart of the setup is our laptop running Traktor Pro. We control everything with the CDJ-2000’s through a USB. We integrate loops and FX with the Traktor X1 controller.

The last few years the Pioneer RMX-1000 has also become an important part of our setup, as the isolators, FX and percussion work together so beautifully.


Next year we’ll take everything one step further by adding a live performance dimension to our sets. 


Do you have a favourite piece of kit or two favourites that you never leave home without and what makes it/them so special?


We just recently bought a Teenage Engineering OP-1. It’s perfect for recording sketches and ideas while we’re on the road. Afterwards we record the audio back into Ableton and make a track with it.

The Elektron Digitone is also a nice piece of kit, as it’s also as portable and the sequencer is just a mad man.


In between all your incredible festival appearances you’re busy producing including a new remix for Amelie Lens on her ‘Hypnotised EP’ as well as new music for yourselves, and do your Live shows inspire the music you create?


Playing for an audience inspires you and sparks your creativity because you receive a lot of positive energy from it. From time to time we love to check out other DJs at gigs we’re playing but sadly we don’t always have the time for it.

We also like to listen to music in other settings, like in the car or at home. We don’t only listen to Techno of course. It’s more inspiring to take ideas and concepts from other genres and incorporate it in your own productions.


Where is your studio based or do you prefer to have your studio at home?


Our studio is at home. We can imagine that some people prefer having their studio elsewhere, but we just like it this way. We don’t live in a big city, so we have the space at home.

It’s key to feel relaxed in your working environment. Our studio sessions mostly take up to 10-12 hours, but we try to take regular breaks, mostly every 2 hours. It keeps the mind fresh and prevents ear fatigue.


How do you work together in the studio?


Stijn mostly starts crafting different ideas and concepts to lay the base of a track. We choose the best ideas together and start working on the arrangement. 

Mostly we just jam a bit, record everything to audio and take the best bits from those recordings. Happy accidents are a really important part of producing, so remember to record everything!


We’ve really come to a point where we know quite quickly if a track is going to work or not. When it doesn’t, we start with something else, but we never discard of something completely.

It’s perfectly possible that we incorporate elements of older projects into new tracks.


You recently played with Monika Kruse at Watergate Berlin and are reunited with her at the Terminal M showcase at Egg LDN this Saturday August 3rd. What do you look forward to when you both come together?

We have a special connection with Monika so playing together on the same night is always a lot of fun. Our style of music has a lot in common, but we still differ enough from each other to keep the night interesting.

We’re really looking forward to play with the Terminal M family at Egg London so we both hope you’re ready!


Joyhauser join Monika Kruse at the Terminal M showcase at Egg LDN on Saturday August 3rd 2019. For more information and to get tickets visit