Bensley talks his album's big influencer, Lake Muskoka

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 30th July 2019 | Arren

Bensley talks with us about one of the big influences in his incredible new album, Muskoka.

The name comes from one of the Great Lakes in Canada, a place which has strong ties to one of RAM’s most creative producers, Bensley. The album itself is a 12 tracker thumper showcasing Bensley’s glossy style and exactly why he's one of the hottest producers out there right now.

He goes to town with uplifting, epic, and breath-taking productions - which all were started at Lake Muskoka. The album has really drawn from its influential source - and transports us to a calming, hair raising space. To find out a little more, Bensley has explained to us more about Muskoka, what it means to him and how it helped build his latest album.

When did you first start going to Muskoka?
Our cottage in Muskoka has been in the family for well beyond my lifetime, so I've had the privilege of growing up with it from my earliest memories!

What’s your fondest memory from there?
I fondly look back on being a kid during the scorching hot summer afternoons. The whole family would spend all day in the water, only emerging for meals on the dock! It was the only way to beat the heat.

What does Muskoka mean to you?
To me, I associate Muskoka with family. I've spent so much time with my parents, sister, grandmother, aunts and cousins there that I have a bond with my extended family that I feel very fortunate for. Despite people growing up, moving away and their lives getting busier, the cottage keeps everyone together in a way that would be very difficult otherwise.

What’s your favourite activity to do there?
I like to wake up early on calm, clear mornings and set out around the lake in a kayak before anyone else wakes up. It's very calming and a great way to experience the wildlife. For those moments I feel like I'm the only person in the world.

Did the lake inspire you in creating your new album?
Absolutely, almost every tune on the album was started here. I just find it so inspiring to take my laptop down to the dock and work with the beautiful sights, sounds and smells around me.

What’s the most surprising or awe-inspiring part of the lake?
It's incredibly picturesque when the trees change colour in Autumn. We get a lot of tourists who come through to see the bright orange and red forests reflected on the glassy water, and they never leave disappointed!

Is there anywhere else in the world that’s quite like it?
One great thing about Canada is its endless amount of breathtakingly beautiful lakes and forests. So yes, there are other spots like it, but Muskoka is the one that's most personal to me!

Bensley’s Muskoka is out now on RAM - Buy

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