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Drum and Bass | Friday 26th July 2019 | Arren

Murdock goes in with an exclusive playlist for Guestlst.

He’s one of the leading lights in bass music across Europe. Murdock has been repping the bass scene of Belgium though his label, destructive sets and for his part in founding the mighty Rampage event, battering thousands of ravers with some of the biggest bass line up’s known to Earth.

His credentials are strong, though Murdock is making more moves to solidify his position in the form of an album, Stronger. Expected in October through Viper, Murdock has already began the build up by dropping the first single. Entitled ‘Holding Up’, it’s an energetic, glitchy big room smasher featuring the ever perfect vocals from James Marvel.

Marking the explosive release, Murdock himself has put together a banging playlist of some of the biggest beats right now, including his latest dancefloor shaker ‘Holding On’. His selections are top notch and need to get into your playlists, strap those speakers down…

Doctrine - Hybridd

My partner-in-crime, a barrel of laughs and the most talented person I have yet seen in action in a studio. This tune just shreds. It's underrated but I have heard Zeds Dead play this to 10.000 unsuspecting dubstep heads at EDC Vegas!

Bare Up - 14 Carrot Gold

I signed this guy to Radar/Rampage a little while back and he's not disappointed me since. This one was the lead track on his latest EP and it's as brutal as a track can be while still feeling funky.

Danger - Cycle of Life

I think the guy is of Russian descent but he lives in Belgium and has been making great strides. I picked up 6 of his tracks for Radar Records and he really nailed the full spectrum of jump up, from old school Full Cycle vibes to modern day dark rollers.

Basstripper - Noodle Bar

Another guy from Belgium who is on the come up. Seriously, the basslines this guy keeps coming up with are just just mad. He's get a real neck for keeping it funky and playful, but still makes you throw a screwface when his shit drops. No monder Macky Gee, Andy C, Wilkinson, Dj Hazard, A.M.C & Turno and so many more are playing his tunes.

Millbrook - Rise

I have been playing this for a while. It has a vocal version, but I like the instrumental one best. I recently discovered Millbrook is the new name of an artist called Vacuum that had been smashing it for quite a while. I was pleasantly surprised to find out he's now part of the Viper team!

D-Nasty - Arsenic

België boven! Allez, les rouges! Another Belgian producer that is smashing the game. Let me tell you, if any of these guys were born in the UK, they'd be on top the scene right now. This track is the best foghorn roller I have ever heard. I'm happy and proud it was released on Radar Records.

Barely Alive - Warrior feat. Mad Hed City (The Prototypes remix)

The Disciple guys sent this to me very early so I have been playing this for a long time. Absolute belter! The vocals off the original used to maximum effect and The Prototypes who don't hold back and rip the beats to pieces.

Cyantific - Welcome To The Future VIP

Jon Cyantific is a top bloke and it's exciting that a guy who's made so many classic tracks is now on the same label is myself, and allowed us to release this one on Rampage Recordings. The original was mad, but the VIP is just a tad harder and more effective. As they usually are, right?

Simula - The Shrouded Path

Just one of those tracks that throws you off completely. The weird build up, the fake drop, the detuned bassline stabs... You have to be a weird genius to make all of those elements work together but Simula did and the track just hit me in the feels the first time I heard it.

Murdock - Holding On feat. James Marvel

Quite the history to this one. The beats initially started out as a remix for Netsky & David Guetta's Ice Cold but because of a switch in Netsky's release schedule, there wasn't any room for a remix package anymore, so I stripped the track down and started over with some of the sounds I had cooked up. Then I got to talking with James Marvel at Rampage, who told me he'd love to try his hand at writing a vocal for me. When he did, I loved the demo he had sent me and persuaded him to go for it and do a final take as well and the result still gives me goosebumps!

Murdock’s ‘Holding On’ is out now on Viper Recordings - Download/Stream

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