Extinction Rebellion begins ‘summer uprising’

Friday 19th July 2019 | Jake

The environmental protest group Extinction Rebellion has been running its ‘summer uprising’ with a series of protests in five UK cities this week. On Monday activists blocked traffic in London, Cardiff, Leeds, Bristol and Glasgow. Those demonstrations marked the start of the protest group’s uprising. The summer uprising is a series of planned non-violent demonstrations taking place for five days between Monday and Friday across the UK.

On Tuesday, protestors chained themselves to London Concrete’s factory in east London. Several were arrested. Extinction Rebellion are protesting London Concrete’s work on a new £1bn tunnel under the Thames river. The London Atmospheric Emission Inventory recently revealed that 2 million people live with illegal levels of air pollution in the capital. The new tunnel would further increase air pollution in east London.

There were celebratory scenes last weekend too, as the protest group ushered in the week ahead with a road blockade in Dalston. Extinction Rebellion activists were dancing, singing and even hula hooping while motorists sputtered with rage.

Moving forward, the summer uprising’s legacy is under threat. Many were cheered to see protests return, and further exposure will undoubtedly attract new members. But the protests have also attracted the attention of the police. Aside from the usual arrests, police have now sought talks with the government and courts to ensure protestors are given tough sentences. Police are hopeful harsh sentencing will act as a deterrent.