Derrick May re-imagined with orchestra in special London show

House | Friday 5th July 2019 | Arren

Derrick May is leading the City of London Sinfonia orchestra with a fresh interpretation of his classic tracks. The celebration of his pioneering works, all conducted by Macedonian musician Dzijan Emin, will take place at the Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall on August 29th.

Game-changing tracks such as ‘Rhythim is Rhythim’ and ‘Mayday’ feature in the special show that has only ever been performed six times across the globe. 70 musicians make the magic happen after Emin spends months preparing and adapting the music. For the Southbank showcase they’re planning a high-energy performance featuring more interaction between the musicians including improvisation from the jazz players that’ll mirror the energy from the audience.

Speaking of May’s musical talents Emin says “At the heart of electronic dance music is repetition - or some would say minimalism - but the good thing with Derrick’s music is that alongside the beats and rhythmical texture there are also melodies”. The project was born back in 2013 before premiering in 2015 in Ohrid. Since it’s been performed with Symfonieorkest Vlaandaren, Orchestre Lamoureux, Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Derrick May recalls “When I first heard [my music] performed by the orchestra, it was very emotional, it felt like a moment of accomplishment, an endorsement of everything I’ve done over the years”. The special event takes place on August 29th at the Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall, tickets are available here.

Derrick May
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