Calibre brings his magic to XOYO for their next residency

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 3rd July 2019 | Rosh

Drum and Bass enthusiasts revelled with delight when XOYO announced they would be handing over their Friday residency baton to Calibre for 10 very special nights this summer. An artist in every sense of the word, Calibre brings in some figurehead DJ's and producers to help him express his broad musical influences that cross across Dub, Drum and Bass and everything in between.  

There are no boundaries to his soundscape, his an artist that can glide into a creative slipstream and come out with something astoundingly beautiful and profound it instantly becomes timeless. In many ways, this is why this particular XOYO residency is so special, he is a true 21st-century creative who has curated a 10-night lineup featuring heavyweights across various genres. XOYO have also installed a Sinai Sound System and RC1 to power the Green Room aka Calibre’s Dub Lab on Fridays, ensuring that the sound provided gives each of the heavy dub sets to played an appropriate outlet to properly let loose.

It all commences this Friday, July 5th, with Calibre kicking off the in customary XOYO residency fashion with an epic all-night set in the Basement, which should hopefully feature some never-before-heard productions from depths of his very large catalogue of work from the the last 2 decades. This will be part one of his Shelflife offering. Om Unit will take over Bass line proceedings at the Dub Lab.

The week after (July 12th) sees founders of DMZ record label, forefathers and key figures of the Dubstep scene, Mala and Loefah joining Calibre. Expect some real heavyweight sounds, all night long as Sherrelle bosses the Dub Room with her varied signature style.

The 19th July Calibre brings in one of the key figureheads of Drum and Bass,  Fabio, who will have the superb DJ Marky with some legendary vocal support from GQ to keep the Basement pounding. The lovely DJ Flight is at the controls at the Dub Lab for the evening.

On the 26th of July, Calibre pays respect to the Marcus Intalex foundation. Someone who surely would have been on the line up if he were around today. For this very special show, Doc Scott, LSB and DRS will be joining Calibre and half of the profits for this show will go towards the Marcus Intalex Music Foundation.

Getting things started in August (2nd), Exit Records joins Calibre on week 5. He'll be joined by a stacked bill of the Exit crew: (owner) dBridge, Dub Phizix & Strategy and Jubei with SP:MC on hosting duties. Globetrotting DJ, pioneering producer, label chief, re-mixer and master of everything soulful, Zed Bias will on a journey at the Dub Lab.

August the 9th is rather special. Calibre is joined by Ben UFO and Joy Orbison which just speaks volumes in itself.  Yes, it's fine to take a minute, I mean, 3 legends in the same booth, unreal right? Up in the Dub Lab, one of the pioneers of dubstep, Kahn, will be laying down a vinyl-only dubplate-heavy set.

As August continues, the 16th welcomes in High Contrast and Sweedish producer, Seba. Two of the most respected electronic artists in the game.
The Dub Lab will be Sicaria Sounds playground, as he merges dark, old-skool-inspired dubstep with frenetic grime, experimental bass and other flourishing hybrid sounds around the 140 BPM range

23rd August Calibre is joined by Glaswegian selectors Mungo’s Hi-Fi who will come with an education in the elements of a sound that has inspired a movement. One of the key figures in today's dub scene, Mad Professor closes of this Carnival weekend billing. Phaeleh plays an exclusive dub set in the Dub Lab for those with deeper Bass requirements.

On the 30th August, Calibre is joined by the super talented Children of Zeus for a live set on his penultimate show alongside heavyweight DJ, Zero T and Mantra. DRS will be on mic patrol. Star of the new school, Chimpo is having the Dub Lab to himself for the evening.

The final night (6th September) sees Calibre close off his residency with Part 2 of Shelflife for another 5-hour marathon. He'll be drawing things to a magnificent close after his 10-week stint in London town, one where we get to say "thanks for coming down Calibre man" and let him return back to his elusive creative space somewhere magical and remote in Europe.