Dom Dolla discusses what made him dance music's "hot property"

House | Tuesday 25th June 2019 | Rosh

Recently named as one of Billboard's "Ones to Watch", we caught up with Australian DJ and producer Dom Dolla, fresh of a 35 date tour of the States which saw him grace to decks at Coachella and Miami Music Week alongside Green Velvet, MK, Sonny Fodera and Gorgon City. He is fast becoming one of the most in-demand names on the dance circuit, Dom’s signature sound and remixes for the likes of Purple Disco Machine have earnt him accolades including being named as Pete Tong’s ‘Future Star of 2019’ on BBC R1. His infectious grooves stop off at London for his Egg Club debut on Friday 5th July, a mini tour that sees him trailblaze his way around Ibiza and the European Festival circut for the rest of month.

How's it going Dom, which part of the world are you in now?
Hey guys, just in Toronto right now waiting to board a flight to kick off this weekend’s shows... 3 this weekend between the US and Canada. Suitcase life!

So tell us, how's it like touring North America, Coachella must have been crazy?
Coachella was wild, I was honestly not expecting the turnout that ended up in that tent. It’s been really exciting seeing all the fresh faces at the shows over the last 6 months. It’s definitely inspiring me as a producer. The United States is such a big place with such an enormous population compared to Australia. It’s exciting to think that more and more people are going to discover what they like about the music as time goes on.

What has been the most notable changes in the Australian Electronic music scene in the last 5 years
I feel the shift away from main room EDM is a big one, kids are no longer looking for something really abrasive and intense to dance to. Their tastes have evolved and they're excited to digest something a bit more subtle. It’s only going to get better from here I think. ‘Doof’ culture and raves have taken off in a big way over the last few years, it’s really building a scene and a culture that’s inspiring musically.

Name the most unlikely genres you listen to?
RnB possibly? I’m into anything that has a cool hook that tells a good story. Spending some time touring in the states has meant that even the odd country tune has worked its way into my Spotify playlists too haha, disown me later friends.

Who was the first DJ or producer you admired and why?
I grew up a huge fan of the Ed Banger records crew during the Blog Hau5 era, DJ Mehdi was my idol. French DJ’s like Brodinski were a big inspiration too, they had the steez and had programming that set them apart from the rest.

You're putting in the work right now and getting a lot of recognition from key tastemakers within the scene, what advice would you give aspiring electronic producers right now?
Look at developing musical ideas and hooks that go beyond the dance floor, I’m all about creating moments. Whether that’s within a track or within a set. You want people to leave the party with music that’s memorable. Another hot tip for DJs; wear those earplugs when you’re performing. You’d think it was obvious by now but I still see so many young guys cranking the booth with nothing between them and some intense tinnitus... Protect the goods people.

What’s the creative process you follow when you hit the studio?
To be honest, it changes all the time, but recently I’ve found myself laying out the drums of the entire track first... to limit my musical ideas to the structure I’ve created. It’s a great foundation if I’m feeling a little stuck. Before I get in the studio I’ll also listen to as many of my musical inspirations as possible, just to get me as excited as possible about writing. I’ve found your biggest enemy in the studio is your own drive and level of inspiration, get yourself excited and you’re halfway there.

Tell us about the video for “Take It”, it's about to drop soon right?
Yes! It’s been a while in the making. Conceptually we wanted something people could relate to, something very tongue in cheek and weird... with a side of sore heads and regret. I’ll let you guys be the judge.

Describe your current state of mind in 5 words or less?
Simultaneously excited and exhausted haha.

List out your top 5 dance floor weapons and a bit about each...go!

Marco Strous - Shred
Love the vocal chops and the stop-start elements within this track. In a time where everyone’s trying to set themselves apart in club music, I think this one really stands out right now. What a weapon.

Franky Ricardo - Feel Alright
The groove in this is awesome, love the rolling percussion and rhythm created with the little synth melody. The vocal really gels so well too.

Claude Von Stroke & Eddy M - Getting Hot
This feels like Claude going back to his roots here, what a tune. Eddy M is the prince of Elrow too, would love to see this go off at one of their events.

Chris Lake - Stay With Me
Really love the prog house inspired vocal here, give the track a really cool accessible feel without alienating the club crowd, a very difficult thing to balance. Probably my favourite work of Chris’ to date! Well done mate.

Eli Brown & Solardo - XTC
At the time of writing this, I’m not sure this one is out yet? But it will be soon and it’s been absolutely slaying it for me. Such a driving club number with a break that has at least 5 people asking me for the track title after each show.

"Take It" is out now and you can catch the crazy official video below

Dom Dolla will be debuting at the Egg Club this Friday (5th July) alongside The Aston Shuffle who is well due a stint on London soil to complement the sounds of Dom ’til late. Tickets available here.