Guestlist meets Argentina Based Jump-Up Protege Yatuza

Drum and Bass | Sunday 23rd June 2019 | Tom

Drum and Bass music has come a long way in it's near 30+ year lifespan. From it's humble beginnings at illegal raves in dark dingy warehouses brimming full of vibes a' plenty and trips to your local Record shops on a Saturday afternoon to listen to every vinyl in the place, to evolving into the global behemoth it has become in 2019. Never has the scene been stronger and it seems as time goes by word spreads further and further afield from those early headzy Sanctuary and Bagleys days clusters of Drum and Bass heads are now common place across the globe. One man who is eagerly flying the Drum and Bass flag as far afield as Argentina is young production maestro Emanuel Durante aka Sub:Liminal Recordings' Yatuza.



2019 is looking to be an absolute stinker of a year for the young Buenos Aires based Jump Up protege with releases on Promo Beats Audio and Lickwood & Gunshot leading to a very impressive solo EP on Sub:Liminal Recordings together with another 4 track sticker on the horizon for Twisted Individual's highly regarded Grid Recordings.


Guestlist was delighted to catch up with Yatuza via the magic of the internet for a chat about what he has in store for our lucky ears over the next few months and what life is like for a young Argentina based Drum and Bass producer trying to smash his way into the scene!



What was the first thing you thought of this morning when you woke up? Wondered about my weird dreams and then put some Erykah Badu on to start the day!


If you could only eat/drink 3 things for the rest of your life what would they be? Tough one as I love food.. Has to be Coffee, Pizza, Fried Rice just to name a few.


If I could give you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world right now where would you go? Europe for sure, Belgium, Uk or Amsterdam no doubt!


If you didn't have a career making music what would you be doing? I would probably be making Art, Graphic Design or Illustration for Skateboarding Companies.


What was the first record you bought? I think the first one I remember buying as a youngun was Linkin Park - Reanimation. Loved the artwork as it reminded me of Gundam.



What is your favourite tune (any genre)? Tough question as I am a music lover, but its either Erykah Badu - Certainly (Flipped it) or Outkast - Elevators (Me & You)




Which 3 artists have been the biggest influence on your sound? Dialogue, T>I, DLR


If you could play a back to back set with any artist who would you choose? Has to be Operate or Guzi


Is there a meaning behind the name Yatuza? Yes, the name means ´You already know´ in Spanish. “Ya tu sabes” means You already know. So its a short way of saying you already know. It started as Ya tu sabes, then Yatusae.. Eventually Yatusa, and then I decided to add the Z and that´s when I ended up with Yatuza. My friends call me ´Yatu´. Maybe one day I might end up with just the Y since it keeps getting shorter as time passes by, haha..


Being from Argentina what first got you into Drum and Bass? Where did you first hear the music? I first heard this music in Toronto, Canada when my parents moved there to work about 9 years ago. I remember going to parties and hearing the music, later my friends introduced me to raves under bridges and all sorts of weird places. That´s when I got hooked. Later I moved back to Argentina only to find there's nothing like that kind rave culture over here.


How popular is Drum and Bass in Argentina? Are there many other DJs like over here or is it a bit more of a select few headz that rep the scene? It´s still very underground but it´s fairly popular and it is gaining more and more popularity as years pass by. There is a key player in the scene though, the longest running Drum & Bass Event here in Buenos Aires named ´+160´ his name is Bad Boy Orange so props to him for bringing top International artists over since day! There are plenty of DJs by the day but I think the ones that are really interested in Argentina growing as a scene are a handful. Shoutout to the DNB4LIFE crew who are putting in work to bring quality events and unity amongst heads.



Did you find it hard getting in touch with other Dnb lovers? At first when I moved to Argentina it was tough. I lived in a province where no form of electronic music was very popular and it wasn´t until I moved to Capital Federal that I finally met some heads that were into the same type of Bass Music that I love. Still remember to this day how awesome it was to meet these guys shout out to Faca and Chamal.


How did you manage to link up with the UK scene? It was back in Canada when I first started to get in touch with people from the other side of the pond. I was a Graphic designer/Illustrator so the first people that I got in touch with were primarily clients. I've done quite a few logos for some great artists and labels Multi Function, Envenom (Metal Work) and Konichi to name a few.


If I came over to Argentina to party which venues would you tell me to try? Without a doubt we would go to a DNB4LIFE night, or +160. These are the only parties that are 100% Drum & Bass and Jungle.


What are the biggest/best Drum and Bass event in Argentina? Killerdrumz, DNB4LIFE, +160


What other Argentinian artists should we be keeping out ears peeled for? There are some great DNB producers and more importantly people to look out for from Argentina. Dharma Kaya, CCX, Accelerated, Noised, Vectril, Erco, Kibbutz, Emoxx and last but not least the Smoking Plaza Roster - Adrian Gonzales, Drumandavid, Ritual Verde.


The 'Illusions EP' is packed with 5 heavyweight tunes, which is your favourite on the EP? My favourite from the EP has to be 'Bad Habits' or 'Illusions' featuring Luxion. These ones get the dance-floor going for sure!




Where can we catch you performing over the summer? Are you going to be in the UK soon? Im gonna be going on tour in Colombia at the end of the month, gonna be playing in about 2 cities and a couple districts in Bogota and Medellin. With the possibility of a gig in Lima, Peru on the way back! Thanks to Insanity Collective. Exciting times ahead, and of course repping the Sub- Liminal Flag here in South America! No plans for Uk just yet, but it´s a matter of time until I catch someones attention. Would be a dream come true for me.



Whats next for Yatuza? Music. Lots of tunes to come from now on, as I´ve recently closed off an EP that will be coming out on Grid Recordings later on! The graft must go on! Also working on a Audio/Visual project behind the scenes.



Yatuza's monumental 'Illusions EP' on Sub-Liminal Recordings is available now from Junodownload.