Kumo's Top 5 Summer Bangers

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 11th June 2019 | Tom

Summer time in old Blighty is always a bit of a volatile affair, with temperatures usually jumping around so much it's hard to know whether to dress for Mediterranean level blistering heat or wrap up for chilling Artic style winds, especially when leaving your house for whichever music events or festivals you may have chosen to be attending.

But alas to ensure no matter which particular dance floor you have elected to party on and whichever blend of cloud, rain, wind and sunshine Mother Nature has in store for one on a given day, the Sub:Liminal Recordings gang have been back at it to deliver another explosive musical payload to make sure the dance is going to be nice and toasty for you! This time round Manchester based production don Kumo takes the helm dropping some seriously weighty bass laden bangers in the form of his colossal 'A Break A Day EP'.


Featuring 4 of Kumo's finest musical concoctions to date the EP is pure fire from start to finish: the sweet hip winding vibes of title track 'A Break a Day', teeth-grinding swagger of 'Battle Cry', the raw electronic glitch-laced journey 'Highest Levels' or the distorted neck-breaking wobble of 'Oh My God' feat Sub:Liminal patron Warhead, this EP is packed with quality Drum and Bass music from start to finish and is most certainly not one to be missed.


Guestlist linked up with Kumo for a rundown of his top five Summer anthems to put us in the mood for the sunny season and hopefully warm up a very cold rainy day!!!


Kumo's Top 5 Summer Anthems.


Shy Fx - Everyday - One of my first memories of being at a stage at a festival was to this tune, I was in one of the small dome tents and there was an unknown DJ playing. I must have only about 12/13 at the time but I still remember it clear as day. It was my First proper experience of a Drum and Bass DJ live. It's 14 years old now and people still go absolutely mad for it, one of the true classic D&B tracks.


Chase & Status ft Jenna G - In Love - I always loved chase & status growing up and still think their old albums smash their new stuff. That might just be because I have memories that go with the old tunes. Jenna’s vocals on this are sick as well, and it always goes off whenever it gets played at events.


Dj Marky Ft. Stamina MC - LK - Literally don’t need to say anything about this tune. It speaks for itself. People who don’t even listen to or like D&B still love this tune. It's packed with pure summer vibes and it ends up getting played at this time of year on the radio so I always get to hear it when driving about and its sunny (that 1 day a year we get sun!). Also I've had the chance to meet DJ Marky and can say he’s probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!


Shy Fx Feat Liam Bailey - Soon Come - This isn't a D&B tune but one of the first times I saw David Rodigan was at Parklife when it first moved to Heaton park. I was sat on the hill watching over the crowd reaction when it dropped was incredible and is something I will never forget. Have been lucky enough to meet him on several occasions and was amazing to hear his stories about cutting dubplates in Jamaica. So interesting to listen to. He's basically the musical version David Attenborough. Living legend.


Rusko - Everyday (Netsky Remix) - This one is a really old personal favourite. I used to listen to Netsky’s stuff every day before he moved to making more commercially driven music. He was one of the first producers that I really wanted to replicate when I first started producing. I've got so many memories of this song from growing up, it used to get played at every house party/festival/rave I went to. I tried to go see him play at Glastonbury but the tent was so packed I couldn’t even get in but still managed enjoy hearing this stood across the field.


Kumo's 'Break a Day EP' is available now from JUNORECORDS.

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