"My advice to them is you’re going to love it! It’s better than any job you’ll ever find!" Tom Stade talks to us about the life of a comedian.

Comedy | Sunday 26th May 2019 | Grace

Coming on stage with arms flung open, wearing a bomber jacket and skinny jeans combo, the fans went wild for the comedian Tom Stade’s rock star persona and charming personality last Thursday in London’s Leicester Square. When seeing this comedian live, first impressions may leave the audience a little confused as to what the true feelings of this comic are when it comes to topics such as his annoyance at young people, technology and drinking.

But as his jokes became darker and edgier, it soon became clear that using a mixture of irony, audience participation and sarcasm, Tom Stade is not only incredible funny, but he is very clever, witty and certainly isn’t close minded to his surroundings. We caught up with the comedian to talk about his career so far and his life in the world of comedy.

So, tell us about yourself and your comedy?

No, I refuse to tell you about myself and this is my type of comedy.

You grew up in Vancouver, Canada, what was that like?

Well, I learned at an early age how to trap animals for their fur and I lived in a little cabin in the mountains that had no electricity. The only friend I had was a seal that got clubbed… I don’t know if they do that here?

But you now live in the UK. How do the two places differ?

I’m lonelier here.

How does British and Canadian comedy differ?

Unlike Canadians, English people just don’t understand puppet humour.

How did you first get into comedy?

I made a phone call to a comedy club and asked if I could get on and they said, “Yes,” and that’s how I got into comedy.

Who have been your influences along the way?

My influences have probably been everyone I have ever worked with over the last thirty years.

What have been the high lights and low lights of your career?

When you’re as good as I am, there are too many highlights to count. I don’t think I’ve had any low experiences: I’ve only known up, up and UP! Because I’m so up, maybe one of my low lights was when I got to perform at the Apollo.

Comedy differs so much from other types of performing, and to go out there alone with nothing to hide behind, must be pretty scary. How do you deal with the nerves?

I don’t really get nervous, but I deal with them through the confidence that I know what the fuck I’m doing! And once you know what you’re doing the nerves just seem to magically disappear.

What advice to you give to those out there wanting to give comedy a go?

My advice to them is you’re going to love it! It’s better than any job you’ll ever find! Don’t give up; else you might end up pouring me a cup of coffee at a Costa Coffee one day. That’s how good this shit is!

What can we expect from your new tour?

You can expect an hour full of pure comedy genius, mixed in with introspective thoughts where we all get to learn about ourselves.

When people think of touring, they think of the stereotypical image of musicians living up life on the road and throwing TVs out the window. Is it the same for comedians?

I don’t know if Led Zeppelin ever brought a Clever Chef into their travel lodge room, but if they didn’t, I’m pretty sure they weren’t eating right!

What’s the weirdest thing to have happened to you whilst touring?

My wife calling me up and telling me she was pregnant… and I thought I’d used a condom that day!

How do you decide on the topics you want to talk about in your sets?

Topics come to me through divine inspiration. I never know what the topics are until I’m walking down the street and they come into my head and I start giggling to myself like a lunatic.

How do you try and make yourself stand out from other comics and make a subject as funny as you do?

I don’t try and stand out from other comics because I enjoy running my own race. But I make the subjects funny by over analysing them again and again and again until I dissect every part of them and realise how ridiculous this human illusion is.

Tom Stade: You're Welcome - The Lowry, Salford

What would be your dream gig to do?

One big, thousand-seat theatre where I’ve cloned my wife a thousand times and I’ve finally made all of them laugh!

Apart from the tour, what can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

You can expect me not to murder my wife, but you can also expect me to try and live a wholesome, decent Christian life as best as I can by letting Jesus into my heart.

Catch up with Tom on his Twitter and Instagram.