Central London ultra-low emission zone cuts polluting cars

Thursday 23rd May 2019 | Jake

A month after its introduction, the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) in central London has proved a success. On average there were 9,400 fewer heavily polluting vehicles in the ULEZ in April compared to March. ULEZ came into effect on the 8th of April. Most vehicles falling short of emission standards having to pay £12.50 to enter the zone, while larger lorries and coaches will be charged £100 a day if they fail to comply.

Currently affecting only central London’s congestion charge zone, there are plans to expand the ULEZ to cover inner London boroughs. This expansion is planned to take place from October 2021, and would see the zone reach as far as the North and South Circular roads. The vehicles most likely to be affected by the £12.50 charge are older cars, vans and motorbikes. Anybody wondering whether there vehicle will be charged can find out on the TfL website.

Any ULEZ fines will also come on top of the congestion charge. Black cab drivers are exempt. Polluting vehicles constitute about half of London’s harmful emissions, and is the cause of chronic, and often fatal, health problems for millions in the UK. Pollution is estimated to cost London £3.7bn annually.