Guestlist meet DnB champs SCAR and talk their new 'Hide in Plain Sight EP' and top 3 Back Catalogue Picks

Drum and Bass | Sunday 19th May 2019 | Tom

With musical careers spanning back almost 20 years to the very birth of the drum & bass movement, it is a hard task to find a production duo with a higher pedigree than SCAR.

Consisting of 2 already well established patrons of the scene Survival and Script, the SCAR brand was conceived in 2013 after the duo's decision to collaborate following a string of high quality output across a number of the same labels unearthed major similarities in the duo's production ethos and musical tastes. The duo's first studio session together gave birth to a piece of music called 'When' a track that was selected by Metalheadz to be released on the monumental Platinum Breakz 4 album, since then they have never looked back.

SCAR return to Goldie's revered Metalheadz imprint this month with their highly anticipated Hide in Plain Sight EP encompassing some of the duo's most defining work to date. From the futuristic rolling title track 'Hide in Plain Sight' to the luscious headzy vibes of 'Sleep Talk' and the refined splendour of 'Hey You' there is something on the EP for every drum & bass fan.

Guestlist caught up with the renowned double act ahead of the release to get the lowdown on their personal favourites from their own formidable Metalheadz back catalogue.

Scar's Top 3 Metalheadz Back Catalogue Picks:

SCAR - 'When' (Platinum Breakz 4)

This was the first ever tune we wrote together as SCAR and our first that was released by Metalheadz. It came together really well with the vocal sample, the aggressive steppy break and the apocalyptic bass. We were definitely finding our feet as a duo and were completely thrilled when the call came that Metalheadz wanted to release it on their 'Platinum Breakz 4' compilation. That was really special for us as the label and also that compilation series in particular is synonymous with quality, timeless drum and bass. That was our inspiration to continue to work together as SCAR.

SCAR - 'Caged' (Caged EP)

'The Caged EP' was our first release on the main Metalheadz label as Goldie felt that the title track 'Caged' was our biggest tune to date and encapsulated what we were all about. Our music was reflecting our heritage from those early 90s tunes but using new skool production techniques. 'Caged' is a relentless dance floor roller with a classic sample used in several jungle tunes back in the day. The pad & vocal sample are really rushy which adds to that 90s nostalgia, but the actual drums and bass are really modern and up to date. It's also probably our most requested track when we DJ and we love seeing the reaction on the dance floor when we play it!

SCAR - 'Born Again' (Born Again EP)

All the tracks for this EP were written in the same time period and they definitely had the feel of the more darker side of drum and bass. Born Again was a breakbeat work out & really harks back to the stabby era of Metalheadz. It was our homage to a time when drum work and edits were key parts of a tune. It had a really long nostalgic intro and then a breakdown followed by a switch up in the bass stabs which completely changes the rhythm of the whole track. It goes off hard in dance!


The essential Hide in Plain Sight EP is available from the Metalheadz online store now.


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