Guestlist meets DnB production duo Four Points for lowdown on their top 6 rollers as debut release on 16 Step Records drops

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 14th May 2019 | Tom

London based production duo Four Points return this month for their debut outing on the fledgeling Drum and Bass imprint 16 Step Records in their own unique style with the monumental “Choices” and stone cold roller “Stepping Stones”.


The project marks the 11th release for the 16 Step crew, a label that is showing some serious potential having previously showcased high quality output from established artists such as Sam Binary, Subtle Element, Lurch, Thing and Centric. This latest chapter in the young labels story only goes further toward building a much deserved reputation for releasing forward thinking, highly refined Drum and Bass music.



Choices” enters with eerie atmospherics and crisp hat loops backed by stellar FX that subtlety build the listener up to a warmingly majestic bassline that flows righteously over the tight, skilfully crafted drum loops and vocal teases. It is a combination that creates luscious space age dance floor vibes.



Stepping Stones” is a more chilling affair. Skipping percussion loops and ghostly pads grow gracefully and drop into pumping drum scores, shuddering FX and a palpatating, super gnarly bassline that will have your sub woofers moving a serious amount of air.



Guestlist was lucky enough to link up with Four Points ahead of the release to get the deal on some essential Drum and Bass listening from the in demand duo.


Friction & K-Tee - Set it off. This song has all the elements that we love in a drum and bass track. From the catchy hook before the drop into the classic drum pattern and finally it's heavy rolling bass. This is in my opinion the perfect blue print for a dance floor DNB tune.



Alix Perez – Myriads. This is a tune that really inspired us to keep it going! From it's slow and airy atmospheric build up to the deep groaning bass that hits you in the stomach. This tune has been in my sets from the day it came out and is still one of our favourite Perez releases.



Siren - Snorkel. Another track that tears the dance a new one despite being relatively old. I still remember the moment I heard it for the first time in Room 3 at Fabric. A personal favourite again that inspires us to try to make those dance floor bangers with an unforgettable original sound.



Noisia & Phace - Floating Zero. A track that tore up the dance floors back in 2011 when it was released and still now. To this day this track inspires us to try and get out of any boxes we find ourselves in when we are in the studio.



Alix Perez – Vanguard. One from Perez’s earlier work. We love how minimally soulful this track is. It rolls smoothly throughout with a faint vocal that just rings in the head for days after you hear it. I have very fond memories of this track back to when I first started listening to drum and bass hence it has to be a pick for me.



DBridge - Creatures of Habit. This has always been a personal favourite of ours and always to this day reminds us to listen to a track right the way through as you don’t know what surprises await you. An element that seemingly isn’t as familiar in new Drum and bass, it is also a stark reminder to keep your music progressive and interesting.



Four Points magnificent “Changes” and "Stepping Stones" are available from Juno Download now.


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