BLANCAh's top tunes from South America

House | Sunday 12th May 2019 | Arren

We’ve got our hands on another quality playlist, this time from rising Brazilian DJ/producer - DJ BLANCAh

Since 2000 BLANCAh has steadily been spreading her musical wings. Over these years she’s refined her sound and made serious waves across the international music landscape. She's best loved for her incredible live shows unleashing her creative self producing capativing sets for her audiences with a kaleidoscope of melodic compositions and delves into the darker edges of electronic music.

Staying firmly planted to her musical roots BLANCAh and continues to turn heads across the globe. Continuing her steady rise among the ranks she recently joined forces with Renaissance with her debut EP with them coming later in June. She kicks things off though with an appearance at one of their quality parties alongside Solomun. Expect to hear a lot more from her in the coming months.

Firstly however, BLANCAh herself has handpicked some of her favourite tunes from her homelands in South America introducing us to the quality sounds from that corner of the world. This one’s for keeps!

Teto Preto - Gasolina

This is a contemporary project and very daring. A band that mixes electronic beats with experimental and organic sounds. They bring much of the experimentalism and audacity of Os Mutantes, the famous Brazilian band from the ‘70s that revolutionised the music scene and is a reference worldwide.

Chico Buarque - Construção (L_cio & K_Ri Version)

Laercio is the real name of this amazing Brazilian artists known as L_Cio. He just plays doing a live performance, playing his flute. He chooses to make the interpretation of a very popular song from Chico Buarque, our major poetry and musician.

Gui Boratto - 618

Gui Boratto is still our major legend in the electronic industry worldwide. His last album was celebrated around the world and show his personality, his many skills as a producer and again his huge quality.

Zopelar - Brain Waves (feat. Tin Man)

This is another nice Brazilian artist who also works with live performance. He is a wizard of synths, creating really nice analogic sounds that bring fresh air to the new generation of artists here.

Binaryh - Bóreas

This is an amazing duo. They also do a live performance playing their own songs. This is the newest taste of Brazilian techno and already have the support of big artists in the industry.

BLANCAh plays alongside Solomun at Renaissance The Mill, Birmingham on Friday 17 May - Tickets

BLANCAh releases ‘Cold Lights’ on Renaissance on 28 June

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