Fuck the press!?

Other | Tuesday 7th May 2019 | Saskia

“Fuck the press!”, is an exclamation you would expect in non-democratic countries, but not in Germany. “Fuck the press!”, is an exclamation you would expect to be uttered by a person full of hatred, but not by the German police. “Fuck the press!”, was verbalised by a police officer during the G 20 summit in a democratic country, namely Germany.

In no other region of the world has the situation of press freedom deteriorated so much in the past year as in Europe.

The trend of restricting press freedom in Germany has been alarming. We are talking about violent attacks, threats, attempts of intimidation, targeting of journalists by secret services and law enforcement, the legal possibility to surveil every communication of Journalists in non-European countries, insufficient protection of Whistleblowers, the lack of a Freedom of Information Act in many states of Germany, the exclusion of Journalists from events and decreasing diversity of press in general.

But not only in Germany has the situation become more precarious. Stiring up hatred against journalists is happening all over Europe now. According to Reporters without Borders, four of the five countries whose ranking has worsened the most in the new ranking of press freedom are in Europe: the EU members Malta, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Serbia.


Should we therefore still be surprised that the police, and hence one state power, is attacking the press, another state power? Yes, and we should above all else NOW! In the end, what does it mean for Democracy if the state powers are not protecting, but attacking each other?