Can we please just stop objectifying women all the time? Yes, even you!

Sunday 5th May 2019 | Grace

Trying to be part of the modern world, I decided to add a few more ‘interesting’ pages to my social media accounts. Things that come with pretentious, yet enticing names like ‘Art in Photography’, or ‘Cats in Space Doing Cool Things’. So, when scrolling through my timeline on a lazy weekend afternoon, I start to see pictures of somebody draped in flowers in a field, then an advertisement pops up for a person with shiny hair and tattooed hands trying to sell me a top of a cat playing basketball in space. Next, a friend from school, coming out of the sea in a bikini with 103 hearts next to it. Then I realise, why is every single person I have seen a picture of a women?? 

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It then occurred to me that in my timeline, most images I see are of women and that it was more than likely that the people who took the pictures were probably men. (Don’t believe me? Look at #London and see how many pictures of London there actually are). It frustrates me that in 2019, we are still objectifying women and valuing the image of a women over anything else on social media. And yes, I think women as just as bad at doing this, because we are all sucked into the same modern idealism of the things we should be seeing that comes with social media.

So, how can we change this?

Don’t buy into advertising.

When we are being told, that as women, we are too hairy, or we aren’t wearing enough makeup, ignore it and realise that firstly, men don’t get told that and secondly, you are amazing the way you are.

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Value a women’s work over the way that she looks.

If a woman posts a picture of something that she has created, whether a picture, a cake, or even that she has just taken a good Nior style Insta pic, like the shit out of that. Okay, she can still look amazing draped over a load of pineapples, or whatever, but let’s start to make women’s work the subject, rather than making a woman the object of our view.

Use the previous advice and translate it to yourself.

You have an amazing brain and can-do amazing things with it, whether it’s creating an awesome piece of music, receiving an award for science, or discovering something cool when wandering around, put that shit out there! Because that is so much more interesting and confidence building than posting another selfie. We all have faces, but we don’t all have the same talent. Also, how many head-tilted, tongue-in-teeth and filtered selfies do you see men doing?

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Don’t hash tag women into things especially.

#womenartist #femalerunner #womenpilots. Why can’t we just be #artists #runners and #pilots??

Do it for your self and not for the selfie.

Body positivity and being confident in the way that you look is so important! But live life for you! We need to stop thinking about the way that we look all the time and do things because we want to, and not because ‘you look so cute next to Machu Pichu’.

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It is so important that we all stick together and support each other, but please, let’s stop focusing on how women look all the time, still, and let’s put our own work out there instead of pictures of our faces and bodies!