Why we should watch Globalvision, not Eurovision on Saturday 18th May

Indie | Friday 3rd May 2019 |

Globalvision is a once in a lifetime online broadcast, combining live streams from gigs with music videos and messages from artists around the world, on Saturday 18th May, as the alternative to the Eurovision 2019.

Live online, and in venues across the globe, at the same time as the Eurovision final in Tel Aviv, Globalvision will be a night of inclusion and diversity as the broadcast goes live to gigs in Dublin, Haifa, London and Bethlehem, with comedy, interviews, party streams from around the world.. and GREAT MUSIC!

Palestinian singer, guitarist, songwriter and performance artist, born and raised in Haifa, currently living and working in Berlin, Rasha Nahas is one of many performers taking part.



Don't watch Eurovision!



Eurovision has been a stage for people to meet on since 1956. We meet to celebrate our diversity; the most flamboyant fashion, the great (and terrible) lyrics, and the best and worst of singers. We embrace what it means to be together. This year however, Eurovision is being used to make us look away from Israel’s record of human rights violations and cultural respression against Palestinian communities.


Globalvision, the alternative platform, was dreamt up by professionals working in the theatre, music and film industries, and has been given life by Palestinian artists and organisers, and their international and Israeli allies.


Globalvision sat down with Rasha Nahas to discuss the event and why it's important.


Why did you decide to participate with Globalvision?

For many reasons... I find myself thinking a lot on how to use my voice to make a change or raise awareness about what’s happening.

And when I got a request to participate in Globalvision - which is both calling for unity and equality as well as a critical, radical, non-violent alternative, giving a stage to criticise and raise awareness, while sharing your art, it was clear for me that I'm in.

Why is it important for people around the world to support Globalvision?

I think it's simply a great and necessary event with a very important message, that gives a stage to a narrative that is not heard so much in the mainstream media and that needs to be amplified.


Rasha is releasing her first album this summer. Stay tuned!

First release from the album:


Other musicians supporting Globalvision include Brian Eno:

‘I’m very happy to be part of Globalvision, a radical and timely alternative to Eurovision. Aside from being more fun, it will serve to remind people that Israel is hiding a dark secret behind the glitter: the brutal and relentless occupation of Palestine.'


Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza cannot attend the Eurovision Finale in Tel Aviv due to the wall and imprisoning restrictions on movement.  Globalvision is the platform without walls for Palestinian artists to shine, and for Israeli and global Eurovision fans to join them in the spirit of equality - saying yes to the right of all refugees to return, and the right to self-determination and freedom for all. 

Don’t watch Eurovision.

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