Be different, fit in... When in Japan.

Other | Friday 26th April 2019 | Saskia

To understand other cultures can be really useful! 

Train your brain by seeing things differently and changing your mind set a little. Maybe you even change yourself for the better by learning from mistakes you make when visiting other cultures.


EIther way you will always be left with funny stories to tell. Enjoy immersing yourself in another culture! I promise, it will definitely pay off.

Tody we look at Japan.

OMG, he did not just only wave at me, did he? I went on a date with this Japanese guy and we got along so well, but instead of giving me a good-bye kiss on the train station, he just stands there and waves? At what point did I mess it up?

Boy, was I surprised when he actually contacted me again the next day. But here I am, kissing him in the most crowded place of Tokyo possible – Shibuya! It could be so great, but he seems to be ashamed of me. His head is even redder than a tomato! Seriously, I look quite presentable. What is wrong with him? I do the only reasonable thing to do and ask him.


Why was my boyfriend just waving at me and did not want to kiss me?

Because Japanese people do not really like to show emotional affection in a physical way openly! 


However, he only laughs it off and asks me whether I want to have a coffee or something. “Okay”, I answer, “but tomorrow I wanna see your place!” Made it! I will see a real Japanese home. It was a little bit odd that my boyfriend was breathing in so heavily, but he gave me his address and I am on my way on the train, recognising a person who could use my seat. I tell her, that she can have mine in my best Japanese, but she keeps on refusing. Before I start to have an argument with her, I stop discussing and just stay seated.


Inviting oneself to someones home is already a little rude in my country, but your home is something even more private when you are Japanese.

As for being honest, do we really have to state our opinion openly every time? At least Japanese people do not think so. Adapting to other customs and getting to know the little knacks of every culture can be very exhausting, but you should at least try!

Also it's actually impolite to assume someone is in need or weaker than you. So still offer a seat but do it very discreetly.


My bofriend seems quite cheerful when I arrive. His nephew is going to get married. However, what really upsets me is that he does not even think about inviting me. It seems completely normal for him to just go alone. After I use the washroom, I feel like seriously addressing this topic. But, my boyfriends just starts to laugh at me, pointing at my feet. Well, admittedly, I still wear the bathroom slippers, but why is that so funny?


There are slippers that Japenese only wear in the bathroom! Try not to wear the bathroom slippers outside the bathroom. That is like wearing your pyjama outside.


If you are not married, you do not really belong to another family. That does not mean you can not get to meet them, but meeting them at a wedding is something different. And let us be honest, how often do you wish this stranger somebody just brought along was not in your birthday party pictures?