"I'm a decent human being from Stockholm Sweden who's got a big passion for music, board sports and ice cream. "

Thursday 25th April 2019 | Grace

Going from being in a pop-punk band to quickly growing in the house and trap scene, Cronicle is a musician that really puts her all into what she does. Cronicle writes the sort of music that we can relate to lyrically, whilst being able to dance to physically. She spoke to us about being a fool in love and her idea of a dream gig.

So, tell us a bit about who you are?

I'm a decent human being from Stockholm Sweden who's got a big passion for music, board sports and ice cream. 

What is the first though that went through your head today?

Is today gonna be good or bad

Cronicle is a pretty cool and unusual name. Is there a story behind it?

Thank you! My friend Becca from the Marmozets came up with the name 'The Chronicles' when we worked on a side project just for fun a few years ago. We didn't use it, but it got stuck in my mind and when I started thinking about a solo project and I decided to use just 'Cronicle' - skip the 'h' to make it unique. It was really cool when I realised that 'chronicle' means 'chapter' since this is my next chapter in music, so it turned out to actually make sense as well.   

Your music has been likened to that of Robyn and Tove Lo, would you say they were fair comparisons?

I feel very flattered to be compared to them, they're incredible artists and songwriters! There are definitely similar elements in my music as their soundscapes influence me a lot, especially Robyn’s productions. I love arpeggiators! 

Who has been your inspiration musically?

I have a never-ending list for this really, but I usually say that Robyn, The XX and Twenty One Pilots are my biggest inspirations for CRONICLE musically. 

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You used to be in a pop-punk band, but your music as a solo artist is more trap and R ‘n’ B orientated. Why did you decide to change your sound as an individual? 

Simply because I decided to go on solo after my band split up and I didn't have access to a real drummer anymore. It made me use electronics instead. I've experimented my way to the sound I have today and it's just a mix of everything I'm into musically in general. 

Tell us about your new single ‘Fools’?

It's the perfect soundtrack to whenever you need to go for a ride in the dark, maybe drive a little bit too fast and face your heartache.

You have spoken about how the song is about becoming a fool when you fall in love with someone. What’s the most foolish thing you have done when you have been in love? 

I've done too many foolish things when falling in love really. But the worst thing is probably that I tried to stay with someone for way too long when the relationship was really destructive. Although filled with passion and 'love' it wasn't healthy for either of us. That's what this song is about. 

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So, you are from Sweden, what is the dance and house music scene like there? 

I'm not too sure, I've spent most of the past 6 years in the UK so I'm not the best person to ask. I keep getting invites to secret raves though so there's definitely a lot of that going on. 

What are the best and worst things about growing up in Sweden?

Best: It's a great democracy and it doesn't matter too much what kind of background you have. You have amazing opportunities growing up here if you're ready to work for it. The healthcare, education and constant hard work towards an equal society is something I admire so much! 

Worst: The winters are long, cold and dark. It can get very depressing. 

If you could play a gig anywhere, where would it be?

The Roundhouse in Camden. 

What ideas have changed your life?

I've had a few bad ideas when skating, surfing and snowboarding. There's been a lot of accidents, but thankfully no completely life-changing ones. 

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

When I got accepted to the performing arts school I started when I was 11. I don't wanna know who I would've been today if it wasn't for that place. And the people I met there are still so close to my heart. 

What can we expect from you in the future? 

A hell of a lot of music. 

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