Comedian-turned-President: Turn Out of Ukrainian Elections

Other | Tuesday 23rd April 2019 | Ana

From entertainment TV to national TV, the former comedian, Volodymyr Zelenski, wins the majority vote in the Ukrainian presidential elections.


Volodymyr Zelensky, 41, a former comedian and actor, has won with over 73% of the vote at the exit polls. Vowing to introduce anti-corruption policies and improve the standard of living for Ukrainians, Zelenky seems like a dream come true for Ukrainians.


Voted in by 30% of the voters in the first round of elections a month ago, suspicions grew high that he would beat the other candidates, Yuliya Tymoshenko and Petro Poroshenko, as election day approached.


After the embarrassing ousting of Yanukovich, ever-famous for his golden toilets and luxurious palaces paid for on tax-payers’ money and the election of Poroshenko in hopes of a better economic future but suffering through slow-paced reforms whilst in a serious outbreak of war in the east and south of Ukraine, Zelensky’s victory comes at a crucial time for Ukraine.


Promising a more modern future, Zelensky’s presidential campaign writes: “I see a Ukraine where it takes an hour to open a business, 15 minutes to get a passport and a second to vote online.”


The hope for peace and prosperity is stronger than ever as the war with Russia continues and while Zelensky’s policies are exactly what Ukrainians would love to see come to life, the lack of an actual blueprint for his plans along with his avoidance of the media prior to the election day leaves critics sceptical of his ability to govern the country with no political clout or experience. 


Apart from playing teacher-turned-president on Servant of the People, a TV series on the national channel 1+1,  Zelensky has no experience in politics. Despite surrounding himself with ‘experienced’ advisors, some from Yanukovich’s office, some newcomers, it will be a tough start for him when it comes to giving people the lower tariffs and anti-corruption policies they wish for.


Furthermore, through a recent investigation conducted by Nashi Groshi media project published on 19th April, it has been revealed that Zelensky has extensive links to the oligarch and shareholder of 1+1 Media, Igor Kolomoisky and runaway lawmaker Igor Kaletnik. This has lead to rising suspicions of whether or not he will be able to see through the smoke and mirrors of Ukrainian corruption while in power.


While his policies are hopeful and his wishes seem sincere, Zelensky will have to work hard to truly bring to life the policies he promises Ukrainians and to bring an actual real economic policy that will continue to grow and hold up the country that has been so divided by war and is still sore from previous presidential wounds.