Clash In The Capital...Four Crews, 2 stages, 3 rounds and 1 "Sound Bwoy" Killer winner

Jungle | Monday 15th April 2019 | Nicky

With the long bank holiday fast approaching we look at the four Jungle "sounds" that are billed to battle it out in front of hosts Fabio and Grooverider this coming Easter Thursday at Printworks, London. Everyone knows soundclash culture was born from the Jamaican dancehall era, but it has now evolved to incorporate different musical genres and much louder sound systems.

The Clash In The Capital features four crews who battle it out in front of thousands, across 2 specially installed sound systems at either end of the Presshalls at Printworks, each hoping to walk away with the title of Jungle DnB soundclash killer of 2019. This is first for the venue who have never hosted anything of this nature before. 

Each crew will step up to deliver the most damaging dubplates, finest selections & greatest mixes across 3 relentless rounds to end all sound "bwoy's" with the added bonus of being hosted by two of the greatest MCs in the scene, the inimitable MC Skibadee & pioneering MC Det. 

Let's have a look at the 4 crews who are readying themselves for battle this Thursday.

Jungle Warriors
Supergroups don’t get much realer than Jungle Warriors. Formed by the UK’s most prolific junglists, Kenny Ken, Potential Badboy, Remarc & Ragga Twins have always shown an ineffable love of the genre, consistently pushing the very best of JUNGLE! Their impact on the rave scene is phenomenal and their energy is second to none, we expect "big tings" from this crew, currently our personal favourites.

Shadow Demon Coalition
The Shadow Demon Coalition represents the darkest side of Drum and Bass music. Each MC has their own unique style and following but when they come together it is taken to the next level. DJ Voltage is behind the dark side Drum and Bass style of the Shadow Demon Coalition, dropping beat after beat for the MCs to ride. has been performing for many years in clubs in London and on Kool FM, and has the experience to mash up any rave to kill many a "soundbowy". With big names like Bassman & Trigga on board, the Coalition's reputation went through the roof and will definitely one sound that will be bringing the dubplates and vibes to steal the show this Thursday.

Serial Killaz x Born On Road
The second the needle hits a Serial Killaz record you know it’s them. Rabble-rousing ragga vocals, bubbling bouncy bass, cut-throat beats, undiluted positive vibes, to have such a distinctive sound in today’s talent-packed game is a rare, rare asset. But with two careers that can be traced back to the earliest stages of rave, and now teaming up with Born On Road, an eclectic label focused on exploring musical boundaries across various genres, they're bound to bring something special to the clash to eliminate the competition. This is one Jungle DnB sound which carries a lot of weight and a host of talent.

Dub Shotta
Its been a steady debut year for the label Dubshotta and there is plenty more to come from this crew for 2019. Featuring some of the heavyweights from the Jungle Drum and Bass scene, you will find artists like Benny Page, MC Fearless and Sweetie Irie amongst the team that make up the Dub Shotta sound. With producers like Benny Page on board, expect one away dubplates made especially for the clash that will have the other sounds worried about what will be "drawn" next.

Final release tickets still availble here