I am not a sexist!

Other | Monday 15th April 2019 | Saskia

There is still a lot of talk about Me-too, sexism and men claiming their power. But you are different, right? You are not one of them or are you?

Well, let us find out. We will give you a little riddle:

A father and his son got into a car crash. The father died, but the son survived. When he got into the emergency room, the doctor came out and said: “Oh my god, that is my son!” How can this be? Give yourself a little while and try to solve the riddle. We will give you a hint. The solution is not supernatural in any sense. 

Personally, we needed two minutes to finally get it and came up with the craziest stuff. Like the father being resurrected or him having a Doppelgänger. But it is way easier. The doctor is not the father, it is the mother!

However, since we still have typical gender roles stuck in our heads, it is highly difficult to come up with this easy solution. So, if you found yourself at a loss at solving the riddle, you should definitely read our ten points on how not to be sexist.

1) Gender related expressions are offending

Have you ever said stuff like:”You are strong for a woman?” If yes, it is not actually a compliment. Because at the same time you are saying something nice you are still saying that compared to a man women are not strong. Thanks for downgrading women!

2) “No” fucking really means “No”. There is no hidden message here

There is this good looking woman and you just want to have her number? Go for it! Ask her ONCE. However, if she says “No” she really is not interested and it is not personal. Maybe she just is not interested in dating or already found the love of her life. No matter what, she does not want to be asked again, followed around and she definitely does not want to be touched.

3) Wolf whistling will not get you anywhere

Honestly, we can not see any reason for doing that. So you wanted to tell someone they are beautiful? Well, what happened then? Did you loose your voice? But if you did why did you have to hurt someones ears or even scare them by making so much noise?

What do you expect a woman to do once you are done? If you want to have her number, articulate yourself (and follow number 2). That would be to your advantage. She might think you are actually the person she wants to give her number to and not the person who makes weird noises. 

4) Do not objectify women

Saskia is a great person. She is more than her body. It is a pity that you are only seeing her as sex on legs. Do you do that to your male fellows? Would they like it if you did? No? What makes you think a woman would like it? Personally, we can not come up with any reason.

5) Accept personal space

We already mentioned that in 2 but apparently it is a difficult point for many to get. Do not touch people. Especially the ones you do not even know. With touching you already suggest that it is you to decide whether you can touch them or not. Why do you assume you should have this power? And do you think your chances will be higher when you try dominating someone from the instance you meet? Tell you what: You will not.

6) Think about subconscious bias

Okay, admittedly, that is a hard one. We are all stuck with the gender roles we grew up with. But do you really think that women are the ones who should stay at home? Should you assume women can not be good at sport? Can women really not be good at mathematics? Can only men work at construction sites as our cover picture suggests? We do not think so. And neither do you. Just reflect your everyday opinions a little. It will not hurt and you could actually become a better person. So, what have you got to lose?

7) The word feminist is not an insult

The title says it all. A feminist is someone who wants equal rights and opportunities for women. We sincerely hope you call yourself a feminist. Otherwise, you are actually a sexist. Sorry, dude!

8) Do not claim sexism is no longer an issue

It still is. Take a second and ask ten women whether they feel that sexism is still a thing. We bet they will say it is.

9) Stand up for everyone

That is just the right thing to do. If you see someone in trouble, help them and do not walk by. Whether you are helping a man or a woman does not make a difference. Help the ones who would be in trouble if you were not to help them.

Having written all of this, we would also like to point out that there is much sexual harassment going on which is not directed against women, but against men. And no, we do not want to be silent on this one. We should definitely talk about that too!

Feel free to share your opinion or experiences about this topic. It unquestionably is important!