Introducing DJ SERG13

House | Thursday 11th April 2019 | Cristina

DJ SERG13 is new on the scene and one to watch for a unique take on music, partying and bringing DJ skills to the next level. Bringing club nights to the living room, he is earning a reputation as 'the Calvin Harris of house parties'...
DJ SERG13 grew up into an office job but found it was no longer the dream it used to be when he went through life-changing events in the family and personal realm, provoking a new perspective on the importance of being who you really want to be, and in seeing through creative expression where it emerges.
He has been quoted as saying "you can play a character, and adapt to accommodate others, but always remember who you are and be yourself", and this attitude filters through his mixes, which are an invigorating and unique journey across genres, as well as his strong online bond with his rapidly expanding social following, and most of all his House Party DJ project which has swiftly developed into one of the UK's premiere interactive music experiences.
Not just a pro behind the decks with solidly uplifting house-tinged sounds perfect for streaming from Soundcloud into headphones to get you through a working week, he aims to bring a fresh perspective to event management through a DJ-centric house party management service encompassing a bespoke soundtrack to your night, lights, concept and cleanup.
There are a whole bunch of people in the market for the perfect DJ to work their event - professional and stylish yet affordable and bespoke. At social events from birthdays to house warmings, the right balance must be struck between a DJ with great taste and a DJ who takes requests, and DJ SERG13 has stepped in to fill this gap all across the UK and beyond.
To top it all off, he's also writing a novel. And hence we are given one of the truly mutli-faceted, unique and intriguing creatives working in dance music and events right now.
Book and enquire on his website for your own event and keep an eye on his Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to stay up to date with the latest news and releases coming from DJ SERG13.