15th April is your day to change the world!

Wednesday 10th April 2019 | Grace

Every day we hear more and more about environmental issues that are having a disastrous impact in the world we share together. We live in scary times and with each day that passes, it can feel like the end of the world is drawing closer. This might seem like a pretty extreme suggestion to make, but with the irreversible damage being done to this planet having drastic consequences, we all need to re-think the way we live our lives.

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So, what can we do? Well, along with the usual cutting down on waste, eating less meat, driving less, etc. etc. etc… perhaps we need to start thinking about taking a little more extreme action, a little more rebellious action, some might say. And that’s where environmental activists Extinction Rebellion come in.

But who are these ecological renegades and what does that mean for us ordinary folk? Remember all those naked people in parliament not too long ago, exposing more than just the problems they have? That was them! Extinction Rebellion are a growing group of people who feel as though not enough is being done to help the earth and so are making change the good old-fashioned way, through protest and rebellion. As they put it “Our leaders have failed us. It’s time to rebel – and have a damn good time doing it.”

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Okay, so getting your bum out to prove a point is not to everyone’s taste (although come on, who wouldn’t love to moon the Prime Minister?), but why not join the group on 15th April (and every day after) to take over Parliament square and tell MPs that the time for change is now! If you can’t make it there, then Extinction Rebellion plan on taking over the whole of London that day by taking action wherever they can. Don’t wait until it’s too late, rebel and act now!

Find out more about the group and what they have planned on their website.