Temptress make pop sound dark with their new single.

Tuesday 9th April 2019 | Grace

Originally hailing from South London, electro pop duo Temptress show us a darker side to pop. In their latest release, Secret, the band mix pop and R ‘n’ B with hip-hop beats to make a track that shows a mix of both musical skill with clever lyrics.

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Talking about the track, the band say “Secret is about how keeping a secret for someone can tear you apart, keep you awake at night and causing you anxiety. It's a constant dilemma keeping it under wraps, but don't want do something you might regret by revealing the truth


In an explosion of talent, the band, otherwise known as Vlad and Jess, not only write their own music, but they produce it too and even make their own music videos. It’s no surprise that Temptress have over 1.5 million streams and have been on BBC’s introducing ‘Featured Artist of the Week’. For pop with a dark twist, Temptress are the ones to watch.