Nipsey Hussle: From the very bottom to the very top

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 8th April 2019 | Phil

All you need see are the endless streams of tributes to Nipsey Hussle from the likes of esteemed hip hop luminaries residing on both coasts such as Redman and Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Earning his street stripes as a well known former member of the Rollin' 60s, Nipsey's journey from down and dirty street soldier all the way to adored pillar of the community is yet another tragic telling of a man who lived the American Dream. 

Soon after signing to Epic Records in 2009, he became a near overnight global hip hop celebrity after dropping the Drake collab 'Killer'.

Citing problems over the release of his debut LP, Nipsey launched his own label, the 'All Money In' imprint, and dropped his fifth solo mixtape '.THE MARATHON', elevating his status amongst the hip hop community to new heights. Soon after in 2012 he turned down a contract offer from Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group and focused his efforts on promoting his own imprint.

The following year, Nip launched the #Proud2Pay movement emphasising the importance of having a loyal fanbase as the foundation of a brand. Pursuant to this he released his eighth solo mixtape, 'CRENSHAW', as a free download, but with physical copies priced at $100 a piece. The 1000 copy limited physical run sold out within 24 hrs, with ten copies allegedly going straight to Jay-Z. 

Fuelled by the success 'CRENSHAW', in 2016 Nip began his public community based work by contributing to the development of Destination Crenshaw, a 1.3 mile development "Outdoor Art and Culture experience celebrating Black Los Angeles". Next, he launched a co-working space and STEM Center called 'Vector 90' with the aim of linking underrepresented communities with the best job opportunities in a variety of flourishing industries.

In 2017 Nip became influential in the re-opening of 'World On Wheels', the legendary roller rink that was a melting pot of youth culture and key for LA's early hip hop scene. His next move in terms of his own brand was to sign a collaborative partnership deal with the giant Atlantic Records in anticipation of the release of his long awaited debut solo studio LP 'Victory Lap', earning him his first Grammy nomination for 'Best Rap Album'. His final venture was to purchase a delapidated strip mall on the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and West Slausson Ave, witht he intention of turning it into an low cost, affordable 100 unit housing residence.

Just typing in the the now viral hashtag #TheMarathonContinues as well being privy to the hugely visible multitude of other dedications to Nipsey Hussle such as the trend of star NBA ballers writing tributes on their sneakers, it has become more and more that obvious that his most tragic death has been a catalyst for unity not just within his local community, but amongst the world of musicians and professional sportsmen, and even as far rival gangs and area codes. 

From the very bottom to the very top, Nipsey did it all.

The very ideology of his imprint "All Money in, No Money Out", as well as he himself, will forever be known as jnspirational symbols for Black self sufficiency, unity and the dedication needed to achieve economic affluence.

R.I.P Nipsey 'Nip' Hussle 1985 -2019


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