Lee Scott drops visuals for Colossal Jones

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 3rd April 2019 | Phil

Way back when, during the whatnot of the excetera, Lee Scott, unbeknownst to some, used to acapella rap battle, scrapping it out with members of the Don't Flop family.

It's not that he was a bad battle emcee. Far from it. He was solid. However, if he hadn’t completely switched his focus to making his own music, and making it at a prolific rate at that, all whilst being a vital driving force behind Blah Records, we would not be so abundantly presented with gems such as the track at the focus of this quick piece, the magnificently named ‘Colossal Jones’.

For this self produced track from his 2018 album Lou Reed 2000, Dr Scott drafted in another one of the UK's sublimely talented, mind expanding lyricists, Jam Baxter. Complimentary more than contrasting, these two in demand wordsmiths take you on a dingy trip of their own making, with the visuals offering a slapstickish yet firmly tongue-in-cheek portrayal of their home run rhymes.

Out of sheer Northern generosity, the lyrics also appear in the video, so you can try your hand at a bit of hip hop karaoke while you're watching said video.

Purchase Colossal Jones and Lou Reed 2000 at the Blah Website here


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article cover photo by the man Harvey @hwfpht