DJ Scratch and Sniff battle Brexit through disco!

Tuesday 2nd April 2019 | Grace

Brexit *siiiiiiiigggghhhhhhhhh*. Amongst all the indecisions, the sad thoughts and the overall negativity surrounding it all, there is one good thing to come out of the whole Brexit fiasco. And that is the revival of disco through DJ Scratch and Sniff’s debut single ‘Disco-nect’.

This funky disco song acts as a mini protest against all things Brexit related through being both a catchy electronic banger and a clever way of reflecting on the year 1973: the year the UK entered the European Union and the year many say disco was born.


The love child of two solo artists and producers, avant-diva, Marilyn Carnio and weird-core experimentalist, Fiona Soe Paing, ‘Disco-nect’ came about when as Fiona says “I was in my brother’s car - he unplugged his phone, and the car talked to us. It said “Disco-nnected” the way computers do. I started singing a little ditty, made the link with Disco-nnect and Brexit, and couldn’t stop laughing”.

Making things a little more tongue-in-cheek, the DJ’s live show is a 5-sense experience that involves great DJ rhythms as well as providing crowds with freshly baked vegan cookies. What better way to say fuck you to Brexit than with beats and biscuits?