Don't be shook, give Illaman a smile

RnB/Hip Hop | Sunday 31st March 2019 | Phil

The former Tomb Crew member and absolutely solid quarter of Problem Child has been keeping himself most busy. 

Having been on tour with his well received, recently formed punk/metal outfit Peng Shui, Illaman has been elevating his reputation year after year, all whilst developing a now superb work ethic and near unrivalled versatility on the  forever beloved M-I-C.

The last couple of years have seen Illaman tour with heavyweight French hip hop outfit Chinese Man, not to mention also working with jungle/DnB pioneer and Metalheadz head honcho Goldie, as his personal host and emcee.

And all whilst these things were all going on, it seems Illaman had and has been writing more. In fact, he most defintely has, as his recently released, super snappy EP 'Give Us A Smile' suggests.

Peng Shui, the recently formed punk/metal outfit for whom Illaman is lead vocalist, have just been confirmed at Download Festival if you're a fan of circle pits and all that full on fun. 

With the second single from the EP 'Shook' just fresh out, Illaman is set to take a hot minute out of his hectic schedule to clue Guestlist up on what's what and who's who in the very near future. Keep an eye out.

In the meantime, chew on these quailty visuals down below.


Buy 'Shook' and the 'Give Us a Smile' EP from the Potent Funk website here.

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