The Hate U Give - LFF Reviews: "Black Lives Matter"

Other | Tuesday 26th March 2019 | Francesco

Based on a highly acclaimed novel by Angie Thomas, The Hate U Give is a movie that explores very relevant themes for contemporary society: hatred, racism, and police violence. 

Here George Tillman Jr. has directed a successful and compelling cinema adaptation.

We had to chance to watch it at the London Film Festival.

The story is narrated for a young-adult audience and the power of this movie is in the strong message: hatred is not the answer. Starr is devasted, angry, furious about all the losses she has experienced, but what she will learn throughout the story is that "an eye for an eye" will never change how racism and discriminations are part of a never-ending circle of violence.

Another strength of this film is the cast: both the young generation and the adults are portrayed by a convincing cast. Amandla Stenberg delivers a compelling and emotional performance and Riverdale's KJ Apa shines with their forceful chemistry more than evident.  Hornsby and Regina Hall are a great ensemble. The Hate U Give strikes a chord and it depicts terrible social injustice with some simple yet emotive and effective language.

And that's what we need from cinema. Racism must be fought every day, with education and open discussion. 

All in all, The Hate U Give is a hugely entertaining, emotionally deep and thoroughly well though out movie that you need to watch as soon as possible..

Have a look at the trailer below: