Kaoz was a confetti of good vibes, live music and creativity at its finest.

House | Wednesday 20th March 2019 | Nicky

When Kerri Chandler's record label decided to take over one of Europe's most exciting dance spaces, you knew the line up would be rather tasty. The reality is, it tuned out to be a master chef class of House and Techno royalty. 

With set times being released beforehand, it quickly became apparent that we needed to get our arses to Printworks pretty early to catch Skream roll out a mid-afternoon stinker of a set which caught the vibe spot with his signature disco cuts mixed up with some serious funked up breaks and beats. This is not the 1st time I have seen Skream kick start a party, his ability to generate a great vibe and get people moving, is in my opinion, one of the reasons his at the forefront of a genre bustling with acclaimed talent from the last 2 decades.

The crowd was a mixture of house lovers, young and old, who seemed to appreciate the multi-faceted faces of House and Techno with that Detroit edge.  A bit like a meeting of house connoisseurs appreciating good music, raw creative talent and some live performances thrown in for good measure. The vibe continued to be varied and exceptionally wonderful when Tama Sumo & Lakuti took over the controls in the Press Halls presenting an hypnotic array of left-field synths and beats up amongst a pacy upbeat house setting. The duo had great chemistry behind the decks, almost living and feeling every beat, bass and snare that rolled out the Printworks mammoth Void Acoustics sound system. 

The setting had now been beautifully curated and organically opened up the crowd to welcome Mr.G's mind-blowing live experience that was about to be unleashed on the lucky few thousands that were in attendance.
Mr.G brought his enigmatic, energetic and infectious live beats and funked out percussion to life with a very special live performance that had the masses dancing out the palm of his hand, all enveloped in his signature blend of head bumping funked-out beats littered with cosmic synths and snares. To many, he was one half of the main reason people came out today, experiencing Detriot's verified legends in one of the major partying capitals of the world. As always, Mr.G delivered exactly what the receptive crowd had asked for and when he dropped "House is a Nation", he effortlessly showed you why he was the fucking president, as he threw a few infamous Mr.G shapes on stage for an all willing and ever grateful crowd that relished every last beat and bass that was bestowed upon them by this master artist.

As one of our highlights drew to a close with thunderous applause, the unfathomable figure that is Kerri Chandler took to stage, armed with his trusty keyboard and looking ready to ignite the highly combustible crowd that had been sonically spoilt by the raw array of highly talented artists that had played before him. Kerri came with an explosive set that had us all believing we are the funkiest and sexist's dancers that existed on earth for that brief moment. He dropped a raw 4 to the floor vibe alongside his funked out renditions, all expertly played by the king himself. This Detriot legend had educated and excited the London gathering that had come out today, there was no doubt about that. As Kerri drew to a close, so did we, as we simply gave too much, too quickly, reminding me of my the time I first went out and having to concentrate on pacing myself if I wanted to last the distance. Unfortunatly there was no chance getting a "second wind" and catching Motor Drum Ensemble who was patiently hanging out on the wings, waiting to take over and continue where King Kerri had left off.

Today was a spectacle of true house and techno music at it's very finest. An expertly crafted lined up that delivered exactly what was needed to make this one of the most enjoyable and unique events for people who just love their undiliuted house music. As we exited the venue and hailed our uber, a feeling of contentment came over us and an unmistakable sense of smugness knowing that you have just witnessed an extremely special day in London's clubbing calendar.

Printworks has released a new Apple Curator profile where you can access 4 exclusively curated playlist of music. Full details are here:


Photo credits: Jake Davis (@hungryvisuals)