Guestlist meets Sub-Liminal Recordings' King of wobble Too Greezey ahead of “Mailout Moron EP”

Drum and Bass | Thursday 14th March 2019 | Tom

Following on from a stellar 2018, this year is shaping up to be quite the year for up coming label Sub-Liminal Recordings with February's hit EP from Leaf already under their belt. This month sees King Of The Wobble Too Greezey return with his unquestionably heavyweight “Mailout Moron EP”.

Never one to be pigeonholed into one sub-genre, Too Greezey's clearly varied musical inspirations shine throughout the 4 tracker. From Twisted Individual inspired Jump-up vibes of title track “Mailout Moron” to Old-School Jungle flavours of “Bad up the Dance” feat Thunda Banton and even into the zest sodden liquid roller “Your Love” there really is something on offer for everyone here.



Guestlist was lucky enough to link up with man of the moment Too Greezey ahead of the EP dropping to discuss the story behind the release and what what 2019 has in store for him.

What was the first thing you thought of this morning when you woke up? Where's my breakfast.

If you had to only eat/drink 3 things for the rest of your life what would they be? Mexican, Pizza and beer, plenty of it!

If I could give you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world right now where would you go? Canada because they wouldn’t let me in to go on tour last year haha!

If you couldn't have a career making music what would you be doing? Music is more of a hobby to me at the moment, that’s why I have been a bit quiet lately. At the end of last year I started a limited company in the construction industry so all my time has been focused on that. Everything is up and running now so its time to get back on the tunes! 

What was the first record (or tune) you bought? I can't really remember but I have a feeling it could have been Shy Fx & T power Shake Your Body!

Which 3 artists have been the biggest influence on your sound? My 3 biggest influences in drum and bass would probably be Hazard, Taxman and Serum.

How would you describe the Too Greezey sound? I don't have a particular sound to be honest I try to make a bit of everything to cater for all sub genres and also not just drum and bass, I've made a grime album with Snoopa, Dubstep/Grime track for Devilman, Dancehall track for Thunder Banton, amongst Garage, House, Bassline, and Hip Hop Tunes! I would hate to be restricted to one genre I like to try a bit of everything!

Is there a story behind the “Mailout Moron EP” ? When I started Nuke Records I got bombarded with messages asking to get on the promo mailing list! A few people were very rude, I think you need to earn your stripes before getting any promo’s and just randomly adding me on facebook and saying “put me on the mailing list” will just get you blocked and laughed at!a load of vocals to use and when I heard that hook I just built the tune quickly around it! It all flowed very well and thats the kind of Drum and Bass/Jungle I really enjoy making. I’m always looking for new vocals/vocalists so hit me up!


When you are producing a tune what inspires you? Do you go into a project with a clear idea of how you want it to sound or does it naturally flow out? I very rarely have a plan for a tune when I get in the studio, sometimes I just flick trough Splice and find a sound I like and work around it, or I will make a drum loop or even just start with a synth. I hardly ever go in to other projects and use the same drums or synths, I always like to start fresh!

Whats the biggest lesson you've learned since you started putting out your own music? Don't rush to put out music, get it sounding the best you can, test it on different systems and headphones. Also another thing don’t sign your hard work to just any old label, make sure you check out their previous releases and actually trust what they tell you! theres plenty of good labels out there but also plenty of chancers!

When you first got into Drum and Bass have you always wanted to be a producer or is the production side of things a bi-product of wanting to DJ? Yes I was DJing a few years before i started producing, I started mixing around 2005 and producing in 2007, I've always been into music!

Do you think it is essential to be putting out music to make it as a DJ? I don't think it's absolutely essential as there are a lot of amazing DJ’s that don’t produce, but these days it does make it a lot easier to get noticed and booked if you are a newcomer making good music.

You started your own imprint “Nuke Records” back in 2017, what was your motivation behind this? I started Nuke as a way to bring up and comers in to the scene, I would offer free mixing and mastering if I felt there track had potential, but this obviously takes up a lot of time and time away from making my own music so at the moment Nuke is on hold until I work something out, but we will be back!



What is next for Too Greezey? I will continue working close with Sub-Liminal, possible EP on Serial Killaz, and I’m also working on some new bits for Low Down Deep at the moment so hopefully another release on there this year!


Too Greezey's "Mailout Moron EP" on Sub-Liminal Recordings is available exclusively from Juno Download on the 15th March 2019.


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