Death Valley Girls discuss London, performing live and the evolution of the rock scene

Indie | Wednesday 13th March 2019 | Becky

This snarling garage-rock quartet have been challenging perceptions in all the right ways. The charismatic foursome took a pit stop from their hectic touring schedule to answer a few questions for us.

So you’re in London at the moment. What’s your favourite place to hit up while you are here?

We love the vintage shops, used book stores and record shops, so many good ones in London! 

Which of your songs is your favourite to play live?

Right now it’s “Disaster (Is What We’re After)” because every night we play it the response is a lot of dancing and happy faces in the crowd! Some times the audience is the most important element of a live performance, the energy transferral with the crowd is magic! 

‘More Dead’ is our favourite song! Do you always write lyrics about taboo subjects like suicide awareness and death?

We don’t always write about death and social causes or taboo topics, we like to write about voodoo and magic too!

You guys are really into the super natural, like ghosts and zombies, you even have a song about brains... Where did that come from?

We find the supernatural a fascinating subject and strange that’s it’s still terrifying to some. We spend more time researching paranormal activities in Los Angeles, there’s lots of spirits in The Hollywood hills! The song “Unzip You’re Forehead”, the one about brains is about mind control!

‘Wear Black’ is a tribute to your first car a black Mustang that you wrote all your songs in. Have you been able to carry on writing songs in your car?

Yes! We now find our tour van (named Judy) is the best most inspirational place to write because it’s our home away from home.

You managed to cast Iggy Pop as the lead in your ‘Disaster’ music video, where you have him eating a cheeseburger. Is that symbolic of current American culture?

Yes, symbolic of American Pop culture since the 50’s, cheeseburgers, Rock n Roll, Iggy Pop! The good stuff!

The music industry being male dominated can be patronising for women. What advice would you give to you girls starting out in a band?

Have fun, stick up for each other always and be honest to yourselves and each other, you are a friendship gang first! 

How did you come up with the band name and mantra?

Larry came up with it, it’s inspired by the 80’s California stereotype of Valley Girls but used with Death Valley to conjure the darkness and desolation of the desert , the meeting of darkness & light, our mantra has been “everybody’s gotta be in a gang” from the 70’s exploitation movie Switchblade Sisters, which to us means friendship and always having your buddies to count on if you need them.

What do you like most about the rock n' roll culture?

We love everything about rock culture, the music , fashion & The personalities, so many bands have inspired us, We love all sorts of strains of rock n’ roll, 50’s R&B, 60’s garage, The more dynamic sounds of 70’s groups like Alice Cooper, Stones & Black Sabbath , also the more fun upbeat vibes of the B52’s and X-Ray Spex and the late 70’s punk scene.

Do you think the rock scene is dying or evolving?

We think the rock n’ roll scene is always evolving and mutating and regenerating like an alien virus!

What’s next for Death Valley Girls?

Lots more touring around the world and new music already being cooked up in the lab right now!