Guestlist Catch Up With Jump Up Main Eventer Nu Elementz ahead of LP drop "X" on Sweet Tooth

Drum and Bass | Saturday 9th March 2019 | Tom

Ask any jump up raver who their favourite artists are and Nu Elementz will never be too far down the list.

Be it behind the wheels of steel as the DJ for Drum and Bass mega group TNA with his brothers in arms Azza and Grima, head honcho of his own Bite's imprint with Majistrate, or as a solo artist pumping out a chain of hits across labels like Lowdown Deep, Bio beats and Murda Sound. Nu Elementz is a name that has become synonymous with quality Drum and Bass music. After a quiet 2018 Elementz is back to set the record stores alight again this spring with his highly anticipated new album “X” on Majistrate's jump up behemoth Sweet Tooth Recordings.





The album which is due to be released on the 15th March follows on from his first long player “Prophecy” which dropped in 2016 and gives Nu Elementz the perfect platform once again to showcase the quality and range of his production. Nu Elementz versatility shines through the LP from start to finish ticking off all the sub-genre boxes along the way. From the luscious liquid vibes of “Didn't I” to the powerful rolling magnificence of “Steamtrain” and the pure Jump-up Dominator esq vibes of “Perfect” there is something to suit everyone's taste on offer here making the album a must have for any discerning DNB fan no matter which subgenre you happen to be frequenting at the current time.



Guestlist was lucky enough to link up with Nu Elementz for a chat about the album and get the lowdown on what's next from one of the scene's hottest properties.


What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning? Breakfast!


If you had to only eat/drink 3 things for the rest of your life what would they be? This is a hard one I think I think I would have to go with Water, Chicken (any variety) and Pizza


If I could give you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world right now where would you go? Definitely LA, it's my favourite place to be!


What was the first record you bought? Mampi Swift - Jaws



What was the last record you bought? Hedex & Window Kid - Ryan Air



Which artists have been the biggest influence on your sound and why? Majistrate definitely, I wouldn't be part of Sweet Tooth had it not be for him influencing my sound so much. Dominator's music also influenced me massively, he literally changed the Jump-up game (RIP brother).


What would you be doing if you couldn't make music? Probably pricing flats for mechanical services.


What has got you motivated right now? Seeing TNA progress the way it has motivates me daily.


Is there a meaning behind the name Nu Elementz? No meaning really I just had a brainstorm and went with Nu Elementz


How would you describe the Nu Elementz sound? Warm and Gritty.


What's been your favourite Nu Elementz release to date? My debut album "Prophecy" was a massive milestone for me.



What was your first DJ Booking? Informal at The Rhythm Factory around 2002.


What's been your most memorable booking to date? There's been a lot, but I'd say Westfest last year, that set was ridiculous.



Is there a story behind the new Album is this a direct follow on from Prophecy? It's not a follow onto “Prophecy” but X does represent 10 years in the game.


What's your favourite track on the Album? I'd probably say “Didn't I” this track wouldn't of seen the light of day a couple years ago it's mad to think now it's on the album!



Which was the most fun to make? Forbidden Fruits.



The album has a few tunes that are a bit of a different sound to what we usually expect from an Elementz release is this a conscious effort to spread your wings into new territory and show the masses what you're capable of? 100% I have been making a few different styles and wanted to incorporate that in the album.


What's the biggest lesson you've learned over your career? Never mistake a calamari ring for a onion ring!


What inspired you to start your own label (Bites)? Bites was started up by myself and Majistrate as a sister label to Sweet Tooth. It just made sense to have a project with Maji that I could be fully involved in.



What's next for the label? Right now we have releases from Filthy Habits, Solix, Tesen and Royle plus a lot more in the pipeline.


How do you think you have changed as an artist since your debut release with Sweet Tooth in 2011? Not sure about changed but I've defo grown up a bit more since 2011!


Which artists should we be looking out for this year? Filthy Habits! These guys have killed it for years but I'm pretty sure this year is going to be their biggest one yet.


What's next for Nu Elementz? Working on a follow up EP to the Album as we speak last year I didn't release a lot of music this year I'm making up for that.


Finally, can you give us a rundown of your top 5 favourite classic Jump-up tunes?

1) Hazard – Busted I had this on picture disc most people would say “Mr Happy” but for me this was the one!



2) Roni Size Snapshot The perfect example of the classic Bristol sound.



3) Clipz - Cocoa When i first heard this tune it changed the way I thought about Drum and Bass.



4) Twisted Individual - Bangwagon Blues I loved this era of Drum and Bass and Twisted revolutionised the jump up sound for me.



5) Friction - 3rd Degree Gurns This is one of my personal favourite tunes of all time!


Nu Elementz seminal “X” Album is available from all major download sites on the 15th March 2019 and can be pre ordered from iTunes here.

The Sampler containing tracks from the album “Steamtrain” and “Repent VIP” is also available on iTunes now.

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