All show and no substance!

Other | Wednesday 6th March 2019 | Saskia

Just recently, in December, to be precise, Germany made a huge step regarding the third gender. From now on, official documents give the option of a third gender which can be used if you don`t identify as male or female.

Officially, Germany is thereby finally accepting the existence of transgender people. But in practice things look differently.

Last Sunday Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the political successor of Angela Merkel was publicly making fun of third gender bathrooms at a carnival-themed television show. Claiming that those bathrooms exist for "the men who can't decide whether they are still allowed to stand or have to sit down when they pee." This joke and her lack of any apology for it is not the first time AKK is making anti-LGBT remarks. She was named “Miss Homophobia 2018” by the Enough Is Enough pro-LGBT+ advocacy group after an online vote and famously criticised gay marriage by claiming that incestuous or polygamous relationships should be allowed if same-sex marriages are be allowed.

If this person is the political representative of Germany, I don`t even want to know what its citizens think about LGBT people.

Fact is, Germany still has to take a lot of big steps in order to be the innovative, open-minded and future oriented country it claims to be.

Only changing a law isn`t enough. You also have to change your mindset.