DJ Flashback Influences: the sounds that shaped me

Drum and Bass | Saturday 2nd March 2019 | Nicky

I’ve always been heavily into electronic music but was really influenced by the Hardcore Scene starting for me in 1991/92. Tracks that stood out for me back then would be the following. If I play any real Old School sets these 4 tracks never leave my bag.

Darkrider- Rufige Cru (Reinforced)

Unity- Krome & Time (Suburban Base)

‘’Exodus (Lion Awakes) - The Brothers Grimm (Production House)

‘Bombscare’ - Two Bad Mice

As the sound progressed more into jungle/drum and bass:

Valley of the shadows- Origin Unknown

This track here was the real game changer for me. I still play it regularly even now. I even had to buy another copy as I had worn out my original.

Anything that has been made by Photek or Dillinja. These two producers are the benchmark for me… true pioneers of the original sound.

Dj Flashback plays 1st Depth Charge All Dayer this Sunday, March 3rd at Egg Club London.