The Oscars; a night of fun or a reflection of everything that's wrong with society?

Wednesday 27th February 2019 | Grace

The extent of culture that exists is one of the best things about living in the modern age. We can go to a free exhibition that teaches us about life from across the ages, we can go and watch a film that cheers us up when we most need it. And we can show off for hours about how each song from our favourite artist has a different reflection on the world. Culture is genuinely a wonderful thing!

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But, the people at the centre of these things, the pop stars, the rock stars, the actors and producers, we already know that that are paid extremely well to do the things they do. Do we really need a whole celebration ceremony to celebrate the already celebrated? My point is, are the Oscars, the BRITS and every other award ceremony, a celebration of elitism in a world that already gives way too much to the rich and famous?

There is no dispute that these winners are humble, deserving, great at what they do can sometimes have the platform to make important points that us mere mortals do not have (like how Billy Porter made a wonderful statement about respect by wearing a dress). However, let’s not forget that at the same time that these awards have been happening, it has been the hottest February on record (*cough cough. Global warming. Cough cough*), migrants are still struggling to find safety and Brexit negotiations could still result in some dire consequences.

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Okay, sure, these elite award ceremonies may offer a brief amount of relief from the daily grind of life, but let’s not forget that over half of Oscar winners have been privately educated, which doesn’t exactly leave things fair. Young people have so much pressure on them already, without the viewpoint that the only way to be successful in society is to be rich and famous. It’s time the world opened its eyes, not just to the elitism that exists among the stars, but to the every day snobbery that exists in our education system, on our streets and in the work place. But for now, let’s start where we can and stop heaping so much praise on those that get a fuck tonne of it already.