This Heat is a Problem – It's Symptomatic of a Climate Crisis

Tuesday 26th February 2019 | Jake

For the very first time since records started, Britain had a 20C day in February. Forecasters recorded a temperature of 20.6C in Trawsgoed, Wales, on Monday the 25th, almost a whole degree warmer than the previous highest February temperature – 1998’s 19.7C in London. Only a few weeks ago, near the start of the month, the UK was suffering from sub-zero conditions. The February temperature record was in fact broken twice on Monday, with London getting as hot as 19.8C.

Such and dramatic, unseasonable shift in climate has many people happy, and many concerned. As nice as warm weather is, it is not a good sign when people are out in shorts and t-shirts in February. Daffodils are also beginning to spring up, but this isn’t right either. A premature Spring is the work of a climate crisis gripping the planet, and it puts animals at risk should they emerge from hibernation and get caught in another cold snap.

This time last year...

The five hottest years on record have been the past five years, with that trend seemingly destined to continue, judging by the year so far. Two of the wettest winters on record have also been in the last five years. Green Party MP Caroline Lucas is alarmed, and has called on the government to take action: “The government must wake up to this crisis, urgently declare a climate emergency and introduce a ‘Green New Deal’ [policies to produce a greener economy and limit the damage of Climate Change] to provide a green job to everyone who wants one and transform our economy to prevent climate catastrophe.”