Gunna – Drip or Drown 2 review

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 26th February 2019 | Jake

Rap’s newest star, the Young Thug protégé, Gunna isn’t one for getting complacent. Determined not to rest on his laurels following a stellar finale to 2018 that saw the release of a joint tape with Lil Baby and a star turn on Metro Boomin’s debut album, The Atlanta native has released the follow up to 2017’s Drip or Drown project, Drip or Drown 2 (DoD2).

Gunna could’ve revelled a little longer in the fame his tireless efforts over the course of 2018 had afforded him, instead he has spent the first couple months of the year throwing his name about on features, as is his MO. Those familiar with Hip Hop social media trends and memes will be well aware of Gunna’s status as rap’s go-to feature guy.



The numerous features helped to build anticipation for a solo project, a hype Gunna has never properly enjoyed. DoD2 was different, and Gunna delivered. A sequel to its predecessor in name alone, DoD2 is a 16 song album with three blockbuster features, whereas the original Drip or Drown was a concise seven songs with a single feature.

That tape was more of a joint tape between Gunna and the producer Wheezy. Wheezy is all over this tape too, but so is Turbo the Great, and the two work in tandem to provide the perfect base for Gunna’s almost mournful tones. Having worked together for years, both producers know Gunna and are best suited to cater to his approach. The relationship between the three continues to blossom on this tape, with variation of sound never being a negative, a rarity in Hip Hop.

Highlights from the tape include the Young Thug feature ‘3 Headed Snake’, while the second single, ‘Speed it Up’, is deceptively catchy. Great hooks, varied, yet flowing beats and a distinct flow that is so easy to listen to, Gunna outdoes himself on this tape, confirming his arrival as a rap star in his own right.