MPs resign as British politics becomes a reality show

Other | Thursday 21st February 2019 | Isaac

British politics has never seemed more like a cheesy reality TV show than it does right now. There are more breakups and scandals than an episode of Love Island and the season finale in less than two months is looking to be a mad one. Thank god we voted leave to regain control of the country, hey?

If you didn’t know, nine Labour MPs and three Conservative MPs have resigned between the 18th and 22nd. The Conservative MPs left over claims that their party has shifted too far “to the right of British politics.” While the Labour MPs left for a number of reasons but mainly due to two things. Brexit and anti-Semitism, despite the fact that Corbyn has been commended for combating anti-semitism by many prominent Jewish individuals.



As you might expect, MPs leaving their parties has not gone down too well with Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. Both put on their brave faces when they first responded, clearly feeling the harsh sting of lost relationships not too shallowly. Corbyn grumbled that it was the MPs fault for leaving without trying to fix the relationship first. While May tried to thank the three former Conservative MPs for the times they shared, as she held back the tears of bittersweet memories.

But now, these MPs are hot, single and ready to mingle. In fact, eleven of the twelve have already joined together to form The Independent Group. Which, like a 9-year-old specifying they’re actually 9 and a half, they have said is not a new party. A distinction which is functionally meaningless to the rest of us.


Chuka Umunna (the one giving the cheeky thumbs up above), who is arguably one of the most spoken about MPs to have broken up with his party, said: "You don't join a political party to spend years and years fighting the people within it. You get involved in politics, you join a party, to change the world. So we invite you to leave your parties and help us forge a new consensus on a way forward for Britain." 

For those less in the know, inviting others to join you as you resign is the political equivalent of showing your ex pictures of your new partner. It's as much for self-validation as it is to annoy them. Though you can't argue with the results, as in the following days the total was brought up to 12 resignations.


Now, if that wasn’t drama enough, like an old flame being brought back from last season, the Liberal Democrats have come out in support of the new group. Many LibDem MPs took to Twitter to commend them for making a hard choice, unsurprised by the news. Even appearing to offer an olive branch and offers of working together in the future. A budding new relationship perhaps?



Vince Cable, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats  


Jo Swinson, the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats

There are still rumours of other MPs possibly leaving their parties and at the very least this means that the news will be entertaining for foreseeable future. Either way, in the last few days, two things are clear. British politics has changed drastically, and season two shall be a real edge of your seat hot-mess.