6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Save the Planet On-The-Go

Other | Wednesday 20th February 2019 | Ana

Tourism is a disruptive activity. Whether it’s disruptive to the environment or the local community it can be tough to be a tourist and be with tourists. One thing worse than being an unwelcome tourist is being an unwelcome tourist who litters.

The point of travel is to discover and grow but are we really improving as people if throughout our travel we buy fast-food and discard rubbish left and right?

That’s why it’s important to be aware of how you travel and to leave behind as little footprint as possible as well as, take as little as possible. This mentality is great for your wallet and for the locals! 

Your journey begins at home, not your destination. So, here’s your handy guide on saving the planet and your wallet on-the-go.


Unplug and switch off. Make sure that before leaving your house everything is unplugged or switched off. It’s so easy to skip this step and leave a bathroom light on, letting it strain the electricity bill and build up an unnecessary energy wastage.

Pack in eco-friendly containers, everything from food to toiletries. Additionally, you can buy package free toiletries like bars of soap/shampoo, bamboo sporks and toothbrushes. These are cheaper and last longer, and save airport baggage hassle and extra costs.

Use public transport to get to the airport and from; better yet get there by train if you can. Be mindful of the carbon footprint you’re leaving behind, make sure that the way you move around is eco-friendly.  If you’re planning on flying to your next destination take a look at how to be a more sustainable flyer!

Don’t print your tickets, take it mobile. Efficiency is all that can be said for this step. Keep your phone charged and live a hassle-free life. No more document wallets and folders, just keep it mobile.

Make sure your entertainment is also mobile. Buying books and magazines is a debatable activity but it’s no secret that it’s simply easier to carry around your phone which can amount to 10 books and an entire season of your favourite TV show. 

Lastly, skip the supermarket, take it to the local market. There’s no better way to get to know the local culture than go to where it all happens. Local markets can be a really fun walking tour as well as a budget-friendly shopping trip!

The takeaway here is that sustainability is cheap. A little preparation and planning never hurt nobody and it might just save you a few hundreds and the planet a few centuries.