Drum and Bass Legend Peshay returns with Infrared four track "Angels and Demons EP"

Drum and Bass | Sunday 17th February 2019 | Tom

With releases dating back to 1992 across a plethora of legendary imprints including Reinforced, Good Looking, Metalheadz and V Recordings Peshay is a producer who's Drum and Bass pedigree is undeniable. Having spent the last 25+ years occupying the Drum and Bass A-list Peshay has systematically worked his way through the scene leaving a trail of high quality music in his wake.

This month sees the Peshay saga continue with the release of his seminal “Angels and Demons EP” on J Majik's Drum and Bass leviathan Infrared Recordings. The EP consisting of four atmospheric dance floor annihilators marks the legend's first move into the record stores for 2019 and provides him with the perfect platform to showcase some of his most venerable work to date.

Our journey into the Drum and Bass cosmos begins with title Track “Angels and Demons” rumbling reese bass and atmospheric soundscapes lead into headzy drum loops putting the pressure firmly on the dance-floor.

Next up as the name would suggest “Galaxy” takes us on a scifi inspired trip into pure tremen rinseout offering up vibes even the most hardened Drum and Bass raver will struggle not to feel.

“Momentum” starts off a much more chilled affair than it's predecessors, luscious Peshy pads roll into a funky reese bassline complimented with marching metallic drums and spacey fx creating a satisfying voyage into Drum and Bass bliss.

“Sonix” kicks off with chilling chords skillfully laced with eerie vocal stabs that soon drop into a gripping and weighty distorted Dillinja esq bassline , with churning amen loops reminiscent of the sound of the early 2000s brining the EP to a suitably powerful conclusion.

Peshay's unmissable “Angels and Demons EP” is a must have for any fan of that classic amen driven Drum and Bass sound and is available on the Infrared Records bandcamp page in both digital format and as an exclusive, never-to-be repressed double vinyl pack.


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