10 steps to plant based. Step 9: Find the right balance.

Other | Thursday 14th February 2019 | Rose

Arguably, swapping your favourite foods with the vegan alternative is not the way to transition to a vegan diet. It is great that fake meats, junk food, and vegan cheeses are on offer. They widen the options for vegans and make the transition more approachable, and they prove (to others as well as yourself) that you don't have to miss out.

Cheatin' bacon rashers and Linda McCartney sausages taste good, and vegan junk food is fun not to mention delicious. But fake options like this are often not nutritiously rich, and divert the focus away from the opportunity veganism gives for an exciting, and seriously healthy diet.

When going plant-based, you have to think about your diet, possibly more than ever before. Use this opportunity to get inspired by new ingredients to cook with. Use it to learn about protein, energy, vitamins, and use the research to learn how to nourish your body more than you ever did on a previous diet.

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