Two Six One: A Night Of Dirty DnB That Left Me Longing For More

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 13th February 2019 | Isaac

Brixton Jamm is well known for exposing its customers to some of the dirtiest and heaviest names in jungle and drum and bass. The new event Two Six One was no different. The event hit hard with a tasty opening menu for its debut, with artists including DRS, Artificial Intelligence and Zero T.

The night started as you would probably expect, unassumingly. Me and my friends sat around in my East London flat, listening to a playlist I had created to help ease some of my less experienced friends into the coming mayhem. While me and my more practised friends, prepared our bodies and minds.


At about quarter past eleven, we filed out of my flat, down my unnecessarily steep stairs and made our journey to Brixton Jamm. An uneventful but still excited journey later we found ourselves shuffling through the queue, bass already pumping in the background. I turned to my friend after we all got through security and said, “it’s time”.

What followed was nothing short of possibly the most absorbing five hours to ever occur in South London.


We walked straight into Ill Truth B2B Koherent with Mr Science and there was no going back. They were playing an irresistible mixture of liquid drum and bass, with the occasional darker tune to keep the crowd on edge. Turning to look at my friends I could see they were being converted, and it was only the beginning. But it’s safe to say, there is no easy way to explain why everyone is shouting “pull-up” to those that don’t know.

As it hit one in the morning, ZeroT B2B Artificial Intelligence with DRS eased into their set in addictive style. Again, a satisfying combination of dnb and even more liquid dnb kept everything moving but it was clear that things were slowly getting darker. I got talking with a member of the crowd who summed it up perfectly, “who even needs to get messed up when you have an atmosphere, a venue and music like this?!”

Then as the night progressed, everything changed at 2am. Zero T and AI were still playing but they were feeding the writhing crowd with one deep bass driven track after another. Some of my friends at this point, who’s total dnb experience was limited to one night at Fabric, proceeded to have their minds blown for the next 30 minutes.

People were up on shoulders, including DRS who did a remarkable job at keeping rhythm considering the fact he had a man’s head nestled between his thighs. Then, all of a sudden, DRS was in the middle of the crowd with somebody on his shoulder. In the face of the madness in front of them, Zero T and AI continued to fuel the chaos until they eventually drew their set to a close. Having perfectly set the tone for what was coming next.

Monty with Visonboi came next. Most likely having witnessed the sheer anarchy that came before them, Monty played some dark drum and bass that shook the air in the room. There seemed to be a brief moment of pause as the first track built, each person in the room trying to brace themselves for what was to come. Each person’s preparations failed as they were broken down by one unrelenting track after another. Primed perfectly by what came before, the music had now become something to experience as much as something to listen to.

After about half an hour of ear-splitting joy, most of us needed a break. Simply overwhelmed by what we had witnessed. I started talking with an equally shell-shocked person who said with a huge grin on his face, “It’s just so great to see so many people loving the music, loving each other and dancing like there is no tomorrow”. Some of my friends at this point had bailed but those remaining had been broken and remade. Eager to get back into the main room for more.

Coming from the smoking area, straight back into Monty and Visonboi can only be compared to stepping off a plane and being smacked in the face by a wall of heat. If that heat was loud music and the urge to pull the ‘dirty skank face’. The hardest thing about writing an event review like this is trying to convey the indescribable sensation of over 200 people collectively experiencing the same thing.

This borderline supernatural experience is the best way I can describe the last two hours of Two Six One. The rest of Monty and Visionboi was wild unforgiving dark drum and bass, with the occasional moment of clarity as everyone waited for the track to build. As the crowd began to thin, the sensation of the speakers filled the space as people moved sound waves bouncing off the walls.

Finishing off the night Structure B2B Forex with Mr science well and truly put people in their place. Those who had not been sated by the music up until this point were overfed as they swung the crowd into the final part of the night. Leaving Brixton Jamm and Two Six One behind was as unceremonious as ever. A humming in my ears, a slightly dazed mindset and a longing for more.