Essential Drum and Bass listening from Jubei and Total Science

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 13th February 2019 | Tom

This month sees the coming together of 2 powerhouses of modern Drum and Bass in the form of Paul Smith and Jason Greenhalgh AKA Total Science and Paul Ager AKA Jubei on Goldie's Electronica bohemoth Metalheadz marking the labels fourth release of 2019 with future classics “Reality Check” and “Redemption”.

Surprisingly enough, the release is the first time these two Drum and Bass super powers have collaborated. A lethal combo that most definitely does not dissapoint, both tracks are loaded with headzy vibes and make for a absolute must have purchase for any Drum and Bass fans residing within the darker side of the listening spectrum.




Guestlist was lucky enough to link up with this certified all star team for a schooling in some essential Drum and Bass listening.





Dillinja - Three Drops (Unreleased Mix) (Dubplate)

I do not own a copy of this and I’m not sure who does because I have hounded Goldie and Dillinja to death about this for years now and neither of them know where it is. God bless YouTube I say because that’s the only place you can hear it anymore. The most disgusting track ever! Each drop he somehow manages to better the ones before. Dillinja is the king of kings!



Goldie - I’ll Be There For You (FFRR)

My favourite Goldie track without a doubt. It still sounds light years ahead, the vibe of the track is incredible and its both 3am in a hot sweaty club & at home on the stereo playable. I love the sounds, textures and drums in this.



Studio Pressure - The Water Margin (Photek)

I could have done a top 5 of Photek tracks. I always come back to this one though, the second drop kills me every time. I actually finished with this at a Metalheadz night at Fabric many years ago, blew the roof off, timeless. 



Lemon D - Urban Style Music (Metalheadz)

From the first time I heard this to listening to it again just now, I absolutely love this track and always will.



Optical – What’s the Difference (Virus)

Something that was being played on dub plate years ago by a select few. Then it just seemed to vanish without release. Luckily, again, it was uploaded to YouTube and recently Ed Rush & Optical set it free into the wild via Virus.



Roni Size - Watching Windows ( Dj Die Gnarly Instrumental Mix) (Talkin Loud)

Another killer bassline and drum combo by the king of the rollers DJ Die. His back catalogue speaks for itself when it comes to putting out timeless / classics. 






Digital – Gateman (Phantom Audio)

I’ve never heard the Detroit Emeralds break sound so beefy before and there’s an added catchy as hell bassline and the eeriest of breakdowns. 



Marcus Intalex and ST Files - Love & Happiness (31 Recordings)

Always loved how Marcus and Lee could make such soulful tunes sound so heavy and this was another example of that. Pure dnb heaven right here. 



Calibre - Fire & Water (Soul:r)

Calibre’s dubbed out take on the Bristol sound is still one of our favourites from him and that’s saying something with his catalogue.



Digital & Spirit - Phantom Force (Phantom Audio)

Digital and Spirit eloquently smashed the hell out of most dances with this one. Stone cold classic. 



Dillinja – Nasty Ways (Valve)

I couldn’t have a top 5 without one Dillinja tune. Lush pads, vocals, fat live sounding breaks and a filthy bassline to boot. 




The must have "Reality Check" and "Redemption" are available now from the Metalheadz online shop.


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